Sunday, July 15, 2012


As usual, I am behind on this blog!  Lots of wonderfully exciting things have been going on, like my brand new niece (and namesake!), our Fourth of July trip up to Ironwood, spending time with friends, swimming, you name it. I don't have any of those pictures on my computer right now, though, and since I have a sinus-infection-like-thing that is killing me right now, I am just going to lie in bed and blog about our awesome camping trip at the end of June!

We went to Taylor's Falls, Minnesota to Interstate State Park and camped overnight there with just me and Michael and the kids and we had such a nice time!  There were SO many mosquitoes, but Michael had this bug spray that was basically 100% deet, and it worked like a charm. Except for Calvin, who refused to let me put any on him.  He had 58 mosquito bites by the time we got home, by the way.

Anyways, we arrived in the afternoon and set up Michael's new father's day tent and let the kids run around for a while.  Then we took the kids on a hike to the glacial potholes about 1.5 miles away.  They did so great on the way there.  The way back was a little tougher--I think a 3 mile hike is pushing it for Sophie...and Calvin and Ryan, too, for that matter.  But the hike was really nice with beautiful views and lots of little adventures.  The potholes were very cool, too, and the kids had so much fun running around and exploring.  It was a great afternoon.  While we were at the potholes, I saw a gas station near the visitors center and decided to go buy some ketchup and mustard for our hotdog dinner, since I had forgotten to bring them.  So Michael started hiking home with the kids and I bought the stuff and ran back to catch up with them.  It was like 100 degrees and super hot, so we were all tired and hungry when we got back to camp.  And then I went to get out the hotdogs and realized that I had forgotten those, too!  Whoops!  So Sophie and I hopped in the car and drove back to the same gas station to buy some hotdogs :)

Anyways, we had a nice dinner and then pretty soon it was time to tuck Sophie in to bed.  She fell asleep pretty easily and then we got to enjoy sitting by the fire with the boys for a while.  We all finally went to bed around 11, and thus commenced a very long night of Sophie being a terrible tent sleeper!  But we survived and had a nice breakfast and then went fishing!  We eventually found a nice little park with a beach and a play ground, which worked out perfectly.  Ryan and Michael had fun fishing and I had fun playing in the sand with Calvin and Sophie.  It was a really fun trip!  Here are some pictures:

The kids on the hike!

Smooching on my Sophie:

Michael and the boys having a little snack:

Exploring a glacial pothole:

3 little cuties:

Ryan going rock climbing:

Calvin found this ring in the rock wall near the river and was ver excited to show us his "trick":

Of course Sophie and Ryan had to do it, too:

Our family near the river:

Sophie catches her very first fish ever:

Morning time at our camp site:


Ryan was very serious about pumping water. Just look at the concentration on his face:

Ryan caught a fish!

 And a clam shell!

Sophie LOVED putting her head in the water like this:

This is out of focus, but right after she would dunk her head in, she'd stand up really fast with this goofy look on her face and lick all the drippy wateroff of her face. What a nut.

She had a lot of fun, though!

Michael and Ryan fishing:

Sophie and Calvin playing:

Calvin LOVES  throwing rocks in the water.  He could have done it all day.

Michael helping Sophie:

Calvin loving the sand:

Michael caught a fish!  Calvin caught one, too, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Michael and Calvin fishing:

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