Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where did June go?

This month has flown by.  I am shocked that it is almost July.  Our busy season is coming up in July with visits from Grandma and Grandpa Walton, the Pease family, Fourth of July celebrations and last, but not least, a brand new niece (Kelly's c-section is scheduled for the 5th!!! Eeeeek!!!)!  So I am very excited for the next few weeks.  I'm sure I will have tons to blog about, which made me think I should catch up on June!

We've had a bumpy but overall nice month.  We've had great visits from Grandpa and the gang, and from Abbey and Spencer!  We sent Benjamin off to college with Abbey and Spencer on their way back to Utah (sniff, sniff)!  Sophie and I helped my parents in their search for their new house in North Dakota, Ryan started swimming lessons, I made some REALLY AMAZING yogurt, we made a cherry crisp with cherries from our very own tree, it's been a lot of fun. I've been having a great time with the kids lately, and I am loving summer.  I'm sure September will be here all too soon and then it's back to school for Ryan AND Michael, and Calvin will start preschool.  So we are soaking up the fun while we can :)

I've been doing what feels like a LOT of photography lately, so I haven't been picking up my camera here at home as often, but here are some of the pictures from our last couple of weeks:

The kiddos, being cute in the back yard!

Janny gave Sophie a beautiful tea set for her birthday, and the kids and I finally got it out for a Kool-aid tea party the other day.  Half of my kids are out of focus, since I was too lazy to change lenses...But they had SO much fun!  I addressed them as "Sir Ryan" "Sir Calvin" and "Lady Sophie" and they called me "Lady Mommy".  We practised manners, holding our pinkys up, and--in Ryan's case--a British accent. They had such a great time, they have been asking to do another one ever since.  Aren't they cute, all dressed up?

We celebrated Father's Day with a nice steak dinner with Grandpa and Christy on Saturday night, and actual Father's Day was pretty laid back, which I loved.  We had a yummy breakfast, more breakfast for lunch, and steak leftovers for dinner :)  My kind of day!  I hope Michael felt that way, too!  He had fun opening presents from the kids, and I love these pictures of them all climbing all over him.  Thanks for being such an amazing dad, Michael!  We love you!

The other day I kept all of the kids while Michael and AnnaMarie went out on some errands together.  They were all so good that I actually broke out the camera and snapped some pictures of the boys.  I started out with Aiden:

I love those chubby little cheeks!

He was so good-natured about it all.  What a good little guy!


Calvin LOVES those babies.  He loves to hold them and love on them.  It's super duper cute.

Then Jack woke up, and he was definitely not as pleased to have his picture taken.  

But it wasn't his fault, because he wasn't feeling his best.  And he warmed up after a little while:

I like this one:

And my favorite was the baby pile:

What little sweethearts, hey?

While Abbey and Spencer were here, we did a re-do of some of there wedding pictures, since we were pretty rushed during the shoot in December.  By the way, I did this french twist all by myself.  Aren't you so impressed?

Here are some of my favorites:

Isn't Abbey so gorgeous??

I really love this one on the bench:

And last, but not least, there's this:


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