Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip to Ironwood

Over Memorial Day weekend we got to take an awesome (but quick) trip up to Ironwood for Benjamin and Carolin's graduation from high school!  We had such a great time while we were up there.  AnnaMarie and I made some crazy awesome food for the party and Michael and I and Christy took the kids for an incredibly perfect afternoon at the beach.  I also ran a 5k, and although I'm not very fast, I did beat my treadmill time, didn't walk at all, and finished 3rd out of 12 or so in my age group, so I felt pretty good about it!  We had a lot of fun spending time with family. It was awesome. So here are some (read: a bajillion) fun pictures from our lovely weekend.

Ryan and Calvin loving on each other at Little Girls Point on Lake Superior:

I love the faces Christy and Sophie are making .  Sophie is going nuts and having the time of her life, and Christy is thinking "This kid is CRAZY!"

Ryan loving the beach:

And making a sand angel:

Sophie playing with rocks:

Happy little fish:

I really like this one, even though it's a cheesy smile:

Sophie and Mommy time:

Building a sand castle.  Calvin was in charge and loved every second:

Christy with Calvin and Sophie:

Michael and the boys taking a stroll:

Happy Calvin:

I think this picture is hilarious.  The boys were super duper excited about building  a dam here:

Cute little blondies:

I love these of Calvin and Sophie:

I never thought they really looked much alike, but then I saw this picture.  EXACT SAME FACE!

Me, Christy and Michael on the swings:

Calvin ready to catch Sophie at the bottom of the slide:

Calvin blowing a puffball:

Happy kids waking up at Grandpa's house:

Ok, so I didn't get that many great pictures of the food we made, sadly.  But here are the pictures I do have!

THE CAKE!  30, count 'em, 30 layers. It was crazy.  And awesome.  And delicious.

Here's my process. Make a million batches of cake batter (recipe here).  Divide into 30 bowls and color (ok, like 5 bowls, but wash and repeat a million times), then bake, then cool, then wrap in foil, label and freeze.

Then I unwrapped them all and ordered them.

Then cut off the edge so you can see the bright colors.  Michael saved me a boatload of time on this step by suggesting we use his dad's electric carving knife.  Worked like a charm!

Frost with a crumb layer:

Then frost with this delightful frosting and we're done!

We also made little graduate chocolate peanut butter cup pops:

Here's our spread.

AnnaMarie did an expert carving job on the watermelon.  To the left are these yummy salad bites (except I couldn't find endives to save my life so we used romaine lettuce) and at the bottom are some marinated tortellini kebabs.

Here are our puff pastry pigs in a blanket (recipe here) and our cheese balls (recipes here and here).

I didn't even get a picture of my very favorite thing we made, which were the chicken and bacon pastry pockets found here.  Do yourself a favor and make some post haste.

And I also failed in the "taking pictures with the graduates" department.  But here are some pictures of the kids keeping busy during the ceremony!  Uncle Mike, Aunt Reeny, Aunt Janny and Michael's cousin Marcy were life savers!  Here is Mike playing with the kids:

Mike and Calvin having a heart to heart about not falling out of windows:

Calvin snuggling with Janny:

A happy Sophie girl with her Grandpa.

It was an awesome trip and we had a great time!  Congratulations, Benjamin and Carolin!  We love you guys!


AnnaMarie said...

Awesome pictures. I love that one of Calvin & Mike talking about falling out of the window. Serious stuff. And wow, that cake was seriously a masterpiece. It makes me want to eat cake...

Emily said...

Ohmygosh that cake is AMAZING! Love the picture of Calvin and the dandelion too. Looks like a really fun time!