Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ryan's First Softball Game!

Ryan is on a 6/7 year old softball team this year, and he had his very first game on Tuesday!  When I first signed him up for it, he said, "Mom, don't they just have a running team?"  I told him that they didn't have a kids track team, but he could join one when he got older.  Then I told him about how softball was played, and assured him that there would be lots of running involved.  Then he perked right up and got very excited to play.

He had so much fun during his first game.  Michael was out of town on business, so I asked my friend Shelly to come along and help out with the kids and help cheer for Ryan.  He was so excited to have her there cheering for him, too.  And I couldn't have paid attention to the game AND watched the other two, so Shelly, you were a lifesaver!  Thanks for coming!

Anyways, Ryan had some great hits, got two runs, and had a great time.  He was pretty confused one time when he got out at first base.  He just didn't understand why he had to go back to the bench.  He wasn't upset, just walked back, scratching his head in utter confusion.  He was pretty clueless in the outfield, letting his crazy short attention span get the better of him.  He sure did try so very hard to get to the ball and throw it to first.  It was fun to watch!  My favorite part of the game, though, was the second time he was up to bat, and his team started chanting for him, "Let's go, Ryan, let's go!" and he blushed and looked behind him and got the most adorable little smile on his face.

And Calvin and Sophie kept themselves busy playing games with Shelly, the camp chairs, and the umbrellas, and were pretty pleased to have capri suns and fruit roll-ups after the game just like Ryan and his team mates.  It was a really fun evening!

Ryan's first hit:

Ryan getting to first base for the very first time.  Love that little hop at the end :)

Ryan's first run!

Sophie just loved marching around with that umbrella.  She would always pull her hat as far down over her eyes as possible:

Ryan in the outfield:

Calvin and Shelly.  I'm pretty sure he has a little boy crush on her:

Ryan and his after-game treats!


Elizabeth said...

That hop is seriously killing me right now. Also, thanks to postpartum hormones, I definitely teared up at the part about his team chanting.

AnnaMarie said...

So cute!