Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Times, Cute Kids!

We've been having lovely days lately.  The weather is so beautiful and perfect, and we've been spending our days outside playing around!  I love Minnesota in the late spring!  Here is a little update on each of us!

Michael got into grad school (OK, I am behind, that was back in March!), so he will start the MGIS program at the Univerity of Minnesota this fall, so that is exciting!  He also recently made his own axe handle, painted a model rocket with the boys, and is gardening like crazy. 

I have been doing a few photo shoots, which has been fun, but mostly just hanging out with the kids.  Also, I have been busy detailing our Trailblazer so we can sell it.  Anyone want a Trailblazer?? It's for a good cause.  It was a doozey of a cleaning job, having hauled 3 kids around in there for a couple of years, but I'm proud to say it's now looking amazing! I've been having a great time getting together with AnnaMarie and the kids, and some other friends of mine and their kids.  It's a good life!

Ryan is doing great in school.  He is speaking a ton of Spanish and I am very proud of him!  His teacher got to pick 2 kids to do a video interview with for something, and he picked Ryan.  His teacher told me that he asked Ryan, in Spanish, what his favorite word in Spanish was.  He said Ryan replied all in Spanish "Well, I don't have a favorite word in Spanish, but my favorite color is green because the trees are green!"  Ryan has also been very excited about a program they do during the last half our of school each day for the last 6 weeks of school called Mileage Club.  They run a specified course and adults mark off laps and each time they complete 5 miles, they get a charm for their bracelet.  Ryan has now run about 30 miles, and he is SO proud of his bracelet.  He wears it everywhere.  way to go, buddy!  Also, Ryan is having fun doing softball and is a master at tattling.

Calvin is having fun doing Mileage Club with Ryan, too.  They invite siblings to participate, so Calvin does!  But he gets tired pretty quickly.  This week he should finish his 10th mile and get a new charm, which he is super excited for.  Calvin has been playing so well with Sophie while Ryan is at school.  He is a good big brother.  He also loves to pick flowers for me and brings me handfuls wherever we go.  He loves me to read books to him and his new favorite thing is for me to tell him stories that happened to me when I was a kid.  He is a sweetheart.

Sophie--BIG NEWS HERE--is POTTYTRAINED!  Soooo glad I got an easy one after Calvin.  Lately I have only been having her wear underwear around the house and daipers when we go out, since I don't completely trust her, but she has started just taking the diapers right off and refusing to wear them, so I guess she's all the way done!  Hooray!  Sophie also loves to sing with me and loves to play with her kitty cat toy from Aunite Janny.  She is getting very picky about what clothes she wants to wear, but is still easily distracted, so she usually ends up matching :)  She loves to build things out of legos with her brothers and her favorite thing in the world right now is going for bike rides with us in the bike trailer.  Also, she will not, no matter what, say the word "four".  I have no idea why!

So that's us as of late!  I love our little family, and we sure have fun together. Here are some pictures!

Calvin at Mileage Club!  He sure gets into it and pumps those little arms as hard as he can.  And he still strikes a pose before taking off.  He has always done that, and I'm glad he still does!

Michael giving Ryan a supportive high 5!  

But the true measure of parental support is actually doing the laps with him.  Ryan won by a nose!

One day Michael had the lawn mower out and turned over so he could adjust something on it.  Then he went about mowing the lawn and I caught Sophie like this with her toy lawn mower.  She sure wants to be just like her Dad!

Cute,  funny little girl!

I am in love with these curls.  Please don't go away!

Mowing the lawn.

Swinging 2 bats at once!

Happy Ryan guy:

Michael building a fire with the kids.  

Kids on a log:

Right after that picture Sophie kicked everyone off of "her" log and wouldn't let anyone else get anywhere near it.  This is her telling me to go somewhere else.

Me and Ryan:

The only way Ryan knows how to cook marshmellows--burnt to a crisp:

Calvin giving Michael the marshmellow he roasted for him:

Roasting even more marshmellows:

Michael let Calvin help chop some branches for the fire.  Michael is a brave man.

Especially to continue holding the branches there while Calvin chopped.  But Calvin sure had fun doing it, and ran around the rest of the evening playing "Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox" where Calvin is Babe and has other people be Paul Bunyan and talk to him.


AnnaMarie said...

Awesome updates. I'm glad you included you and Michael. In one week we'll live even closer to you! :) Hooray!

Amber said...

Loved the update. I especially love that our hubbies are both back in school. 6 years ago when we were both lamenting that they were changing majors and we weren't sure we'd ever be done--just look at 'em now!