Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ryan's birthday pARTy!

Ryan is 6!!!!!!!!!!!! And has been for about 2 months now.  So it's high time I wrote about his birthday festivities!   First off, Ryan had a super fun birthday party in Provo while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Walton.  I can't find those pictures right now, so I will have to put them up later when I find them!  But we invited my cousins and their kids who lived in the area and we all went bowling!  It was so much fun!  Thanks for having the party for him, Grandma and Grandpa!  They also took Ryan to see the Peking Acrobats the next day and he had SUCH a fun time!

Then we drove back home to Minnesota and we got here on Friday afternoon--just in time to get ready for his birthday party the next day!  Whew!  This year, Ryan decided to have an art party.  He says he wants to be an artist when he grows up, so he has been really into art lately.  So it worked out perfectly.  He had a great time.

Sidenote--birthday parties are tricky when you have school friends AND church friends AND cousins AND other friends.  How do you include everybody???  I remember my mother inviting everyone in my class to my birthday parties so no one would feel left out, but my house is just too small!  We had 15 at Ryan's party and I'm pretty sure that was my max!  Especially with art involved.

But the party was so much fun!  We did 3D cupcake art (idea here), still-life paintings, and boogie monsters, and the kids all had SO much fun.  I would never have been able to do it without all of my many helpers.  Kelly and AnnaMarie and Christy got put right to work the second they showed up!  Thanks for overlooking my lack of planning and organizational skills!  They each manned a craft while Ken and Michael babysat in the basement, and I was more of a manager :) Thanks for your help, everybody!

After all of the art we had the usual cake and ice cream and presents, and then we traded our friends for a visit from Grandpa and the rest of the gang. They all stayed for dinner and played for the evening, which was so much fun.  Ryan definitely got spoiled!  And since Ryan's actual birthday was the next day (Sunday) Michael and I saved our presents for him to open the next morning while Grandpa and Benjamin were still at our house.  Then later that night we sang to Ryan again.  Counting all the Utah festivites, I think he was sang to and blew out candles at least 4 times. 

So, it was a great 6th birthday for my great big Ryan guy.  I can't believe he is already that old!  He is such a sweet, smart boy, and I am lucky to be his momma.  He is still in the 95th percentile for height, he's slimmed down to the 75th percentile for weight, and I was shocked to find out that he's in the 15th percentile for BMI.  Maybe I should let him eat more snacks...

Here are some things I want to remember about what Ryan is like at 6 years old:

-He loves school and is using his Spanish like crazy.  The other day I asked him to put a bowl of grapes in the fridge and he replied entirely in Spanish that there was no more room in the fridge for the grapes.  He's a little smarty-pants.
-He loves to race.  He wants to race with someone everywhere he goes.  If he's racing with someone bigger, he doesn't mind losing, but if he's racing with Calvin he will almost always design the rules so that he will definitely win.  He thinks he is very very fast.
-He has no self confidence issues.  He is often very impressed with himself for doing various things, and I often hear him saying "I'll bet I'm the ONLY 6 year old in the WORLD who can...(fill in the blank)!"
-He takes good care of his Mom.  When I scratch his back at night during his bedtime song, he scratches mine at the same time.  When Michael and i are teasing each other somehow, Ryan ALWAYS is on my team.  He opens doors for me and tells me he thinks I look beautiful.  He's a sweetheart.
-He LOVES to point out Jeeps, convertibles, old-fashioned cars, cars with spoilers, or cars with two exhaust pipes whenever we drive anywhere.

So here are some pictures from his art party and his actual birthday.  Enjoy!

Here's what his invitation looked like:

Christy helping out some party guests with the cupcake art:

Ryan and his two favorite girly-friends, Vanessa and Reyna:

Kelly manning the still-life painting:

Ryan and friends painting:

Washing off a paintbrush:

His cake!  I was pretty proud:

Blowing out the candles:

Liz and Erik sent the boys these mustaches.  They loved them, and it was hillarious!  Thanks, guys!

 Uncle Benjamin and a pile of kids:

Benjamin and Sophie:

Grandpa and Ryan:

Ryan getting tickled by Benjamin:

Opening his microscope set from us:

And art supplies from us:

Blowing out the last set of candles on his actual birthday:

It was such a great day!  So to everyone who came and everyone who helped,

Thank you!!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I seriously can't get over the fact that he's six. Good grief! And I'm glad they liked the mustaches! They look so natural! ;)