Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter and other fun stuff!

We had a lovely Easter weekend!  We had so much fun doing egg hunts and dinner with Grandpa, Benjamin, Christy, Carolin and AnnaMarie and Tyler's family on Saturday and then having dinner with Ken and Kelly's family on Sunday.  It's so nice to live so close!  I love that my kids all love their cousins so much and get to see so much of them!

Easter Sunday was lovely.  It was a nice, relaxing sort of day.  We did Easter baskets in the morning, and then after church had a nice time having lunch, relaxing, napping, and getting ready for dinner.  My favorite part was taking some time to sit with the boys and talk about why we actually celebrate Easter.   Another one of my favorite parts was singing with the choir at church.  I love singing Easter songs.  This one, in particular, really touched me, and reaffirmed to me that our Savior, Jesus Christ, really did take upon himself our struggles, our pains and our sins.  He died for us, and He rose again, and so will we.  What a remarkable time of year.  It was a great day!

The rest of this week has been lovely as well.  We've had friends and cousins over to play, we've spent lots of time at the gym, Michael and Ryan and Tyler planted a cherry tree in our yard, I took Sophie to her 2 year checkup, the list goes on.  By the way, I thought Sophie was tall, but I was wrong.  Her stats are 30th percentile for height, 60th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for head circumference.  Go figure!

So here are some pictures from Easter and then from hanging out with cousins this afternoon.  Enjoy!

The kiddos on Easter Morning:

Sophie, checking out the goods:

Calvin and Ryan loved their yo-yo balls:

Ryan was very pleased with all the treats, most of which came from Carolin!  Thanks, Carolin!  You're the best!

Calvin decided the best way to survey the goods would be to line them all up:

The kids after church:

Me and my girl:

Michael and Sophie, having a good ol' time.  I love these smiles!

Calvin holding Aiden when they came over this afternoon:

AnnaMarie and Aiden:

Sophie was a little wary of Jack:

We finally convinced her to get close enough for a decent picture:

I'd be scared too, Jack.

Sophie trying to run away.  I love Jack's face!

Me and Jack.  Look at that worried little face!

Here's me trying to mimic Jack's face.  I think I look more crazy than worried, though.  I'll have to work on that.

Me and Sophie and Jack:


AnnaMarie said...

Hee her, I love all those Jack pictures. And the Easter ones are great, too. That one of Sophie and Michael is precious.

Emily said...

Aww. What fun pictures!