Friday, April 20, 2012

Dry Ice From Grandpa

Grandpa Ernie sent us a box of Omaha Steak burgers and sausages. Inside the Styrofoam cooler was a big block of dry ice!

The kids had never seen dry ice before so we did a couple of things with it. We put it on a ceramic plate and listened to it screech and scoot around. We cut it with a knife to hear it squeak, and we put it in cups.

I think Ryan's face in this picture captures the essence of what everyone was feeling.

Calvin quickly started enjoying the experiment. He kept saying "we should do this experiment at my birthday party!".

The kids really like blowing the clouds around.

Sophie didn't know what to make of it at first. She started by listening.

And looking
 And finally started drinking it.

After the initial thrill wore off we added grenadine syrup to the  cups of now fizzy water to make a sort of home made pop. The kids enjoyed it a lot. 


Calvin Being Big

I just like the happy look on Calvin's face in this picture. Caroline took the kids to the park. Calvin made it about 3 houses on the scooter before he wanted to run and Caroline had to carry the scooter the rest of the way. 

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AnnaMarie said...

You are so much cooler than I am. I got the same dry ice. I sent my girls to bed, then chucked it out after putting the meat in the freezer. Next time could you please call me and tell me to be Cool Mom?

And cute scooter pictures of Calvin!