Saturday, April 21, 2012

Calvin's 4th Birthday Party

ell, my gigantic little Calvinator Gator turns 4 tomorrow.  My oh my, time flies!  Today we had a little birthday party for him.  It was a nice little group (much easier to manage than Ryan's party of 15...) and they were all so sweet and polite.  What nice kids!  Anyways, we decided on a Hotwheels theme for his party, and he was in little boy heaven.

We decided to start out the party with cake and ice cream and presents, since I always save them for the end and then we run out of time.  And it was great!  I was pretty proud of Calvin's cake, and he loved it!  He requested vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla frosting, and it turned out very yummy.  Although I would have preferred just a giant bowl of the filling...

Anyways, after cake and ice cream and presents, we made some race car t-shirts (the kids colored in a race car outline with some fabric markers), and then we broke out the big guns--Michael made a gigantic pvc pipe race track that ran from the kitchen table all the way down the stairs to the basement floor.  It was awesome, and the kids LOVED it.  It kept them busy for the last full hour of the party!  Michael even made a starting gate so the cars would go at the same time.  It was pretty fantastic!

Also, I have officially decided that 4 friends at a party is the right number.  It was so fun!  We had a really great day celebrating!  Here are some pictures of all of the fun!

Calvin got to wear a race car driver outfit for his party.  He was SO excited!

Here is his cake!

Mom, Dad and Calvin:

Listening to his friends singing him "Happy Birthday":

Digging in:

Calvin and his friends eating cake and ice cream:

Happy boy:

Opening presents:

Ryan bought Calvin this cool eraser pen from the kiosk that sells pencils, etc., at his school. He brought his piggy bank money to school for a week waiting to find a time when the kiosk was open so he could buy something for Calvin.  Then he lost it at school the day he bought it.  I had to go back to school to look for it and miraculously found it on the sidewalk outside the main entrance.  I guess it was meant to be!  Ryan is a sweet brother.

Calvin trying out his new baseball glove and ball from Grandpa Ernie!  He is super excited about this one, since me, Michael and Ryan each have our own and have been playing catch lately.

Calvin's friend Carter really loved Jack and Aiden.  It was pretty cute.

Trying out the race track!

Calvin really loved it!

And here is a video of the kids racing cars on the track:

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AnnaMarie said...

It was really perfect. Way to go, Caroline & Michael!