Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Lots of fun things have been happening around here lately!  Here is a little peek into some of our recent fun.

One day all my cute kids were matching!  They were wearing their shirts that their Uncle Benjamin brought for them from Switzerland:

 The weather has been so beautiful!  But before it was beautiful, it snowed.  And the boys made their first ever "all by themselves" snowman.  Pretty awesome!

One day I got out the popcorn popper and they were mesmerised.   I should do that more often!

Here I am with my arms full of nephew!  Twins Jack and Aiden made their big debut on March 12.  Congratulations, AnnaMarie and Tyler!

Guess who will be 2 next week?  Eeeek!  Time flies!  She loves purple these days, so she was pretty happy about this shirt:

Yesterday Ryan participated in his very first science fair!  Michael worked hard with him on his project about electricity.  He did a great job and had a lot of fun.  He manned his project and answered questions all by himself.  There were a couple of kindregarteners in it, but mostly 2nd through 5th graders.  He did great, and was about the same size as the 5th graders, too.

EDIT: Caroline forgot to mention that we got an AIR HOCKEY TABLE! It was free from someone on Craigslist!

The boys and Sophie have a great time with it. And Caroline and I have a fierce competition. At least we did until one of the paddles broke. Don't worry though, we've got 6 new paddles on their way from Amazon and we'll be back in business soon.


AnnaMarie said...

Awesome about Ryan's science fair project! He's the coolest ever. I love those pictures of Sophie...she is seriously going to be two?! How did this happen?

Ben and Anna said...

haha. the "competition" between husband and wife. Ben and I played air hockey on our first date. I gave him a black eye. :) I think that sufficiently proves that I won.

Emily said...

That is a cool science project. :) Can't believe you got a free air hockey table! And those twins are darling! (and have a great birthday if I do say so myself)