Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just take a look at that snow!  The kids were chomping at the bit to get out there and play in it this morning, and Uncle Benjamin and Aunt Christy didn't disappoint!  I love how excited the boys are in this picture.

 Even Sophie put on a brave face for a while...

That's a picnic table right there--that's how deep the snow was!  Above picnic table height.  Crazy.

Sophie liked having Christy pull her around in the sled:

And Ryan LOVED helping Benjamin snowblow.  Can you tell?

 Sophie sure loves that Aunt Christy!

 Giving me a grumpy face:

I love how much Ryan loves the snow.  What a happy boy!

These pictures were taken from the driveway after it was cleared.  That's like a good 4 to 5 feet!

Benjamin relaxing after a job well done.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Holy Cousins!

Well, they are pretty great, but I mean holy as in a lot of 'em!

We've been busy busy busy lately, and I am woefully behind on blogging.  There's Ryan's 6th birthday, his party here at home, his party in Utah held by Grandma and Grandpa, our whole trip to Utah, yada yada yada.  And then there's the whole matter of Abbey's wedding that I still haven't blogged about...and picking out a Christmas tree in Ironwood over thanksgiving break...yeah, I'm behind.

But I thought I would start with our last few days which have been full of cousins!  Congratulations to Kelly and Ken--their new house is totally done!  Woohoo!  They closed on Thursday and I drove down to Eagan to borrow their children (and minivan) so they could move in over the weekend. We had Luke, Evelyn and Lily for 2 nights and it was a pretty crazy couple of days!  We had lots of fun with them, though.

One of my favorite things in the world is watching Sophie play with her little girl cousins.  She and Lily were SO happy to run around and play together.  It was very cute.  And the bigger kids had a great time looking at Where's Waldo, building legos and terrorizing each other with nerf guns.

It was crazy, but fun.  And it reminded me how glad I am that we have such wonderful family so close by.  And that I don't have 6 children ages 8 and under.

Speaking of having 6 children ages 8 and under, AnnaMarie and Tyler are well on their way!  I don't think I ever mentioned on here that they are expecting twin boys.  AnnaMarie is 34-ish weeks, so pretty much any week here in the near future!  Very exciting!  One more set in a couple of years and my life this weekend could be your real life, AnnaMarie!  Wouldn't that be awesome??

In addition to expecting twins, AnnaMarie and Tyler are also on the house hunt, so today I watched Katie and Jane for a good chunk of the day so they could go out with their realtor.  I hope that gives me veto power over any housing options more than 15 minutes away from me.

But Katie and Jane were awesome!  The kids built play-doh burgers with a set Ryan got for his birthday, they ran around outside a bunch, dug in the dirt with shovels, climbed trees, played on the swing, played "5 babies" where they all pretend to be babies and I am their mom, all in all a really fun day with cousins!

And I asked Katie if she wanted me to do her hair.  She did, of course, so I broke out the blow dryer, brushes and curling iron, and she was VERY pleased.  Jane was not about to be left out, so she went next.  It was so cute how they both just sat there, as still as can be, with huge grins on their faces while I went to work.  I've never seen them sit still like that ever!

Anyways, we had a great time!  I just love having cousins so close by! Here are some fun pictures!

After a dinner well eaten, I made some chocolate chip cookies for the kiddos, who were, of course, on board with that.  Here they are enjoying them:

Reading Where's Waldo on the top bunk:

Ryan and Luke got to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" on the iPad after all the other kids were asleep. Perks of being the biggest!

On Saturday morning when the kids started waking up, I put on Dora in the boys' room so I could catch a few extra winks (it was a rough night...).  Finally everyone was awake and the little girls had decided that breakfast sounded better than Dora, so I set them up with some cereal.  They were thrilled that it was just the two of them.  After I was finished getting everything ready for them I heard Lily say "Hey Foofers (Lily's awfully cute version of Sophie)!  Uhoh!  It sounds like Swiper the Fox!"  She then started protecting her cereal in ernest.  Cute girls!

 And here is Katie's hair after we did it today. She was super duper excited about that purple bow.

And here is Jane after getting her hair done:

 Also, I let Jane stay outside and play on the swing for as long as she wanted this afternoon.  She was on that swing for about an hour.  No joke.

She also liked the grass.

 I love how these girls love each other!

Katie liked the swing, too!

Calvin was pretty impressed with Katie for some reason.  But I liked his expression:

And my personal favorite, a big pile of cousins!  Aren't they adorable? I love those guys!