Monday, January 9, 2012

A very very good day.

I loved today.  It was nothing really out of the ordinary, just a good day to be a mom.  It was one of those days where, here at the end of it, I can't remember any of the things that frustrated me today or any of the messes I cleaned up, but just the giggles and goofy grins of my sweet little Sophie, the one on one chats I got to have with the boys about all of their favorite things while I snuggled them in their beds, the sweet little pictures Ryan drew for me with his glitter crayons, the way Sophie loved it when I laid down on the couch today because she could pounce all over me and give me as many hugs and kisses as she wanted, the way Calvin just kept telling me over and over today how much he loved me.  It was such a nice day that I am tearing up just thinking about it. 

Sometimes I think I forget how good I have it.  What a sweet family I have.

 (An oldie, but a goodie)

Oh, and P.S., Michael, you are my hero.  Thanks for letting me sleep in this morning.


Elizabeth said...

Tearing up??? Uh oh, you're pregnant again aren't you? Just kidding! I know what you mean. Yay for good days! More yay for good kids!

AnnaMarie said...

Thank goodness for days like that. Glad you had a great one!