Sunday, January 22, 2012


Things have been going alright lately.  We've had lots of good days, except for poor Calvin who has been sick for like 5 days with what I am fairly sure is a mystery virus.  We should find out tomorrow morning since I am taking him in to get checked out. 

He's just had a fever (like 103 to 104 range) for 5 days straight (it goes down with medicine but then comes back up later) and has been clearly not feeling well when he hasn't had ibuprofin or whatever.  After he gets the medicine he perks up and runs around like normal. The usual not feeling well stuff.  But 5 days is feeling excessive.  I was going to take him this morning since our clinic has walk in hours on the weekends, but he woke up with no fever and I didn't give him any medicine and he did great.  Until about 4, when he and Sophie both started to get fevers and have melt downs right in the middle of dinner at our good friends' house.  So, home we went to tuck them into bed.  Guess we'll be heading to walk in hours tomorrow.

Poor little Calvin, he is already kind of (ok, more than kind of) a mopey guy, so I honestly can't tell when he is genuinely not feeling well, because the way he acts when he is sick also happens to be pretty much the same way he acts when he is over tired or upset about something.  So he has had a pretty rough week.  But he has had a lot of happy times while medicated, which has been nice.  We've spend time playing with cousins, we had Grandpa and Christy and Benjamin and Carolin come stay for the weekend so we got to play and go swimming with them, we've had outings with friends, etc.  It's been a nice week in between doses of pain reliever :)  And actually even while little Calvin hasn't been feeling great, at least he has wanted extra mommy snuggles, which has been sweet.

In other news this week I lost my phone (sad), got a new one (happy), got a new calling at my church (Primary chorister??  Major score!--translation, I get to lead the music for the little kids and its like the best job in the church. Not even kidding.), made a new friend, made meatloaf for the first time since 11th grade, did a newborn photo shoot with a really darling little baby, and organized my kids closets (thanks, AnnaMarie!).  So its been a pretty good week.  AND starting Saturday we get to spend some time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Walton, so the kids are certainly thrilled about that. 

So, here are some pictures from our recent adventures.  Enjoy!

Here is Ryan, leaving a note for Calvin on their bedroom mirror.  He is such a sweet big brother.

Here is Sophie, tucking in some of her friends for their naps.   It is so fun watching her think of cute new little games to play, even if its all by herself.

The boys keep all of their legos in this chest.  This time they all decided to climb right in.

Michael always comes up with the best things to do with the kids.  Did you see that stop motion movie he made with Ryan? Seriously, he is the best dad.  His two jobs and church duties keep him really busy, but he really knows how to make the most of his free time :)  Thanks for being such an amazing dad, Michael!  On this occasion, he helped the boys take apart this keyboard tat the kids had broken, just so they could see how it worked.  The kids had so much fun. 

Then he set up little circuits with motors and taught the boys how to touch the wires to the batteries to make them go.   They loved it SO much.

Guess what?  Calvin is officially potty trained!  He got to go to the toy store, pick out a toy, and then go pick out a treat.  He picked this gigantic sucker for a treat and decided he wanted to share with Ryan (by the way, Calvin is such a sweetie pie when it comes to sharing.  He always shares his treats.  He offered to share the sucker with me, too, but I politely declined.)

This one is actually from the day after Christmas.  Benjamin watched Sophie for me while I napped one day, and when I woke up, I found her like this!  I think Benjamin has a bright future ahead of him as a stylist.  Also, I think this picture is soooo funny.

A couple of weeks ago we went down to Eagan to visit. The weather was nice and warm (like maybe 45 or 50) and all the kids wanted to do was play outside in the muddy puddles, splashing around.  They were SO wet when they were done, but they were all smiles.

Sophie really liked tasting the puddles.  Gross.

I love this picture.  Sophie is so lucky to have her little cousins.  She loves them all, but especially Jane and Lily, who are both 6months older than she is.  She gets SO excited when she sees them.  They can cheer her up like nothing else can.  I love this one of Sophie and Lily.  So sweet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Little Pirates Take a Sail

I helped Ryan make a stop motion video tonight. Ryan wrote the script, did most of the sound effects and did the main pirate voice. He also took about 1/2 of the pictures, and moved the guys for the other shots. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

A very very good day.

I loved today.  It was nothing really out of the ordinary, just a good day to be a mom.  It was one of those days where, here at the end of it, I can't remember any of the things that frustrated me today or any of the messes I cleaned up, but just the giggles and goofy grins of my sweet little Sophie, the one on one chats I got to have with the boys about all of their favorite things while I snuggled them in their beds, the sweet little pictures Ryan drew for me with his glitter crayons, the way Sophie loved it when I laid down on the couch today because she could pounce all over me and give me as many hugs and kisses as she wanted, the way Calvin just kept telling me over and over today how much he loved me.  It was such a nice day that I am tearing up just thinking about it. 

Sometimes I think I forget how good I have it.  What a sweet family I have.

 (An oldie, but a goodie)

Oh, and P.S., Michael, you are my hero.  Thanks for letting me sleep in this morning.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

Wow, I am so so sooooooo behind on blogging.  Sorry.  For the last few months I have been planning a (really awesome) wedding, and so all of my free time pretty much went to that.  Well, mostly to making these...


But Abbey and Spencer's wedding is a whole 'nother post!

The wedding was in Chicago, so we drove the 8 or so hours there, then 3 and a half hours to Grand Haven, MI for the reception, and then about 12 hours all the way up through Michigan, over the Mackinac Bridge, across the entire upper peninsula, trough a bit of Wisconsin, back into Michigan and finally to Ironwood!  The kids were troopers, though (especially considering we didn't bring ANY toys since we knew we'd have about a million waiting for them in Ironwood for Christmas), and the weather cooperated.  It was actually a really pretty drive.

Anyways, we pulled into Ironwood late on the night of the 23rd and it was so nice to be at Grandpa's house.  What's not to love, really?  They have lots of space, lots of aunts and uncles ready to play with them, lots of treats, lots of Grandpa time, it's the best.  So our vacation actually pretty much began on the 24th, and we had so much fun just hanging out and getting ready for Christmas.  We got the traditional Walton family rolls all ready to rise overnight for our Christmas feast, made the cherry-berry pies, wrapped a gazillion presents, Ryan got to make sugar cookies with just him and Grandpa, which we all later decorated for Santa...and his elves...

It was so nice to be all together.  I love Christmas!  The kids went to bed around 7 or so, just completely excited for Christmas.  They got to open their new pajamas and wear them to bed.  there's something about all of my little darlings in matching pajamas that I just love!  Anyways, we tucked them in and then the rest of us just got to hang out for a while talking and having fun.  It was lovely.  We didn't even have anything to assemble!  A great Christmas Eve in my book!

Opening the pajamas:

Love these little goofballs:

Decorating cookies:

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa:

The fun started with Sophie bright and early at 4:30.  We warned everyone that with our kids it was going to be an early Christmas morning, but 4:30 is just ridiculous.  But Sophie wouldn't be reasoned with, and since she and Calvin were both sleeping in the attic with us, Calvin of course woke up, too. We kept them up there until 5, when Calvin just couldn't bear to wait any longer.  So we sent them downstairs to wake everybody up!  It's a Moore family tradition that everyone is showered and dressed and looking their best before going downstairs on Christmas morning.  The Walton family way is to come down in our PJs with dishelved hair, etc., which I think is way more fun, but arguably less photogenic.

So everybody got all ready and then we finally came downstairs to check out the stockings and presents.  The kids were duely impressed.  They were thrilled about the stockings and of course the gifts.  This year was the first year I think we didn't have way too many presents to open.  Michael and I tried to scale back on our shopping.  I think it was 2 years ago that we had to force our kids to open their presents and it wasn't very pleasant!  So this year went much better.  Well, Sophie crashed about halfway through and we took her up for a nap, so she finished hers later.  But Calvin and Ryan's presents were just right.  It was so much fun watching them open and get excited about everything.  It was a lovely Christmas morning. 

Getting ready to go downstairs:

 Distributing presents:

Calvin in his shark face:

Happy Michael!

 Carolin with her big boy!

Everybody watching Calvin open his big present from Grandpa--a little tykes car he can ride in!  He LOVES it:

Calvin flying his dragon (Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon):

Sophie loved Calvin's remote control car:

A happy little Ryan:

After opening all of the presents, we had the Moore family traditional Christmas breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream--right up my alley!  The we headed off to church.  The kids were crazy, but who can blame them when they wake up at 4:30!  After church we fed them a quick lunch and sent them off to bed for naps.  Ryan and Sophie slept like babies.  Calvin, on the other hand, was a pretty sneaky little Christmas elf, and found Christy's makeup instead.  This is how he came downstairs about an hour after we laid him down:

Sneaky little guy!  He was sad that he had been naughty and after a little talk, he went right to sleep.  And then so did I!  Whew!  A Christmas nap really does a person some good.  Then we got all the final things ready for our dinner and ate around 6.  It was such a lovely Christmas, and so very nice to spend it with so many people we love!  Hope you all had an equally lovely Christmas!