Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

I still have a bunch of things from last summer that I never posted, so here is a big post of some of my favorite random pictures from this summer!  Enjoy!

Michael and Sophie sharing some spaghetti:

Uncle James falling into the Sophie trap:

A beautiful but very windy day at a park.  Sophie was so happy to just stand by the bottom of the slides, hoist herself up, sit there at the bottom for a while, then hop off and repeat.

Ryan really liked this window:

Me and my girl:

Ryan had his little friend, Vanessa, over to play and he was in heaven!

Added bonus: she brought Reese's to share.  

To celebrate AnnaMarie's birthday, we made her a giant KitKat bar!

Uncle Benjamin and the kids with the awesome fort he made for them.  They LOVED it!

Back when Sophie was still more baby than kid.  I remember taking this picture because I wanted to remember the way she always slept with the binky half out of her mouth and an iron grip on the sippy cup (she's now graduated from both the binky and soft-topped sippy cups):

I really like this picture of my happy little Sophie:

Ryan loved playing in the sprinklers this summer:

On a walk as a family to a nearby park.  It was SOOOOO HOT!  But we had fun!

And out for a walk again on a cooler day:

Sophie and the giant pink bunny that her Auntie Janny gave her.  Janny, she loves this bunny!  This particular day she just carried it around everywhere and had it do all kinds of different things with her.  It was too funny!

Cute brothers:

Benjamin brought me back some Zopfmehl from Zurich--the super secret special flour you need to make the most delicious bread in the entire world.  So we made some!  And it was just plain amazing!  Thanks, Benjamin!

And Ryan showing us his biggest carrot of the year from his very own garden.  He was very proud!


AnnaMarie said...

Super, super cute. I love the bunny+Sophie pictures.

Angela said...

I love all the pictures. So fun! I love the little glimpses into everyday life. We still need to get up and visit one of these days- I think our kids would have a blast together.