Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween yesterday.  The kids woke up very excited at 5:30.  Later, they all napped!  After naps our Halloween festivities began with sugar cookies and then carving pumpkins!  The kids were pretty funny. Calvin was a trooper, and pretty brave with getting all the stuff out of his pumpkin.  Ryan, not so much.  He spent pretty much the whole time gagging and giving a really grossed out face.  And Sophie was just confused!  But we all had fun, and the kids really loved the finished products.

After pumpkin carving the kids all played while I hunted down all the pieces to their costumes. We had a quick dinner and then headed out to do some trick-or-treating!  The kids had such a great time.  Sophie got the hang of things very quickly and was very polite, always saying thank you after someone gave her some candy for her bucket.  She had an iron grip on that thing and refused to let anyone else touch it.  She was pretty serious about that candy!  Ryan and Calvin had a great time seeing all of the decorations and of course getting the candy.  Our neighbors across the street had an awesome display where the husband was a mummy in a coffin and he sort of "came to life" when the kids went over there to pick out their treats.  I assume that for the older kids he really tried to scare them, but for our kids he just sort of slowly sat up with a quiet roar and then said "Hi!"  They loved it!  Calvin jumped back about 3 feet, but they all thought it was pretty cool.  Sophie was still confused and just said "Hi" back with a rather concerned look on her face.

We have such a great neighborhood.  I love our neighbors.  They are all so great.  And our street is just the right size for trick or treating.  We went down until it curves and then came back up the other side and the kids' buckets were full and they were d.o.n.e.   It was a great Halloween!  They had fun dumping out their buckets and surveying their loot once they got home.  What a fun night!

Our pirates!

Checking out their loot:

Ryan really did not enjoy the pumpkin carving...

Sophie decided it looked pretty tasty...

But then had second thoughts...

She did manage to pull a few seeds out on her own though:

Calvin had a great time with the pumpkins:

Here is the finished product!  Ryan designed his own face.  His is in the middle.  He kept saying, "Mom, just WAIT til you see my face. It is so scary, you won't even believe it!"

Our pumpkins with our pumpkins!

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AnnaMarie said...

Totally cute pumpkins! And pirates. How fun. I love Halloween with kids. I'm glad yours was great!