Saturday, October 29, 2011

I was a hoot.

So, the other day I found a diary of mine from 1994.  It had one entry in it.  Here is what it said:



I've decided to keep a diary.  My name is Sarah Caroline.  My parents wanted to call me Caroline, but they wanted to name me after my Great Grandma Sarah, too.  They didn't like the name Caroline Sarah so that's why my name is Sarah Caroline.  I'm known as Caroline.  Plain old Caroline.  I've got two sisters. 12, going on 13 year old Danica and 15 going on 16 Kelly.  I have a dog and a cat.  My dog's name is Keano, and my cat's name is French Fry.  Danica has a bird, Bright Eyes, a cockatiel, and a teddy-bear hamster named Beaver, and 4 fish without names.  I've got 3 goldfish, Tommy, Peaches and Cream.  I want a bigger pet.  I'm used to birds, hamsters and guinea pigs.  Kelly has no pets.

My mom, Susan, and my dad, Mark are Mom 36, and dad 39.  A long time ago Danica and I stuck together like 2 pieces of paper glued together.  Now Danica and Kelly are best buddies.  I'm always left out.  Danica is always telling me how she can do things I can't.  Well it just so happens that yesterday I got our church showcase window to lock when she couldn't.  My mom couldn't either.  Danica also is always critisizing me about how I chew my food.  I hate it when she does that!

I go to Cook Elementary School.  I'm 10 going on 11 years old and am in the 4th grade.  My teacher is Miss Sharon Wesolowski.  She's nice.  This year I'm probably going to be on a Woodcrest Elementary School soccer team. I hate being on another school's soccer team.  Last year I was on Siebert's team.  i play softball also.  I'm on Ace Hardware.  It's a good team.  It's Cook, too.  Finally a team from my school!

My best  friend is Becky McCarty.  She has 6 sisters, Margie 16, Heather 14, Aura 12, She is 10, (like me! She's only 14 days older), Alison 8, Katy 4, Chelsea 2, and her mom is gonna have another baby.  Our two main differences are #1 we go to different schools. #2 she started kindergarten when she was 4 so she's in 5th grade.  She's great, but sometimes it seems like we're growing apart.

My other friends are Katie Webb, Beth Koski, Anna Turek, Keegan Yaroch, Ashley Campbell, Jill Donovan, Terese Muto, Sita McInally, Megan O'Laughlin, Tiffany Case, Carrie Lockwood, Emily Sweetman, Sarah Shubatowski, and Raeshum Bailey. I don't have a crush on anyone.  I think that Sita and Joey are going out.  I was born on **/**/****.


Wow, right??  It made me laugh so hard.  I guess I see where Calvin gets his mopey-ness.  I was a hoot, huh?


Ben and Anna said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! I am literally laughing so hard right now! This is so the era of our friendship. I forgot about all of your pets. this is just simply awesome.

AnnaMarie said...

I feel like I just read a Beverly Cleary book. :) Just wait until Calvin's 10. Probably won't be as good, because he's a boy and he won't keep a diary.