Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Pictures!

The weather was so beautiful today.  It hovered just around 60 and was so gorgeous out.  I have been meaning to take my kids out and do fall portraits of them for a while now and so today I seized the moment when Sophie decided she didn't want to nap.  Normally, that would be a recipe for disaster, but I decided to try my luck anyways.  And I'm very glad I did!  We went on a walking trail just a few minutes drive from our house and it was perfect!  So here are my favorites from the outing.  Enjoy!

Calvin with a fairly cheesy but cute nonetheless smile:

Now there is a real Calvin smile:

Blue eyed baby doll:

I like this one.  She is a funny girl.

This one is a little fuzzy, but I love it so much that I threw it in anyways!

What's that? A picture of all three children smiling?  And it wasn't even photo-shopped?  Yes indeed!

I love these little goofballs:

I like this one of Calvin:

Sophie going for a stroll:

My handsome Ryan:

I love this one of them running through the trees.

Probably my favorite picture of the day.  I love this one of Ryan.  He is so grown up, though, it makes me want to cry.

It was a lovely day!


Elizabeth said...

Your kids are too cute!
Which is so lucky since you're so great at photography!
Lucky lucky!

Emily said...

I love the one of the kids running through the trees!!

AnnaMarie said...

Adorable pictures! I love their personalities, and Ryan IS getting too big!