Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ironwood in July

In July we were so very excited to get Michael's brother James back from his mission to Peru that we decided to head up to Ironwood with him once he got home so we could spend a little quality time all together!  We were all so happy to have James back!  He spent tons of time playing with the kids and they were in heaven!  We had such a great time visiting with Grandpa, Christy, Benjamin and Vick, too.  The kids got to spend good quality time with Auntie Janny and Aunt Sherry, too.  It was such a fun trip.  It's always fun to go to Grandpa's house!  We are so happy with live close enough to visit every now and again!  So here are about a million pictures from the trip, since I just don't have it in me to narrow down my selection any more!

Uncle James, doing sidewalk chalk with the boys:

Auntie Janny, reading the boys a book.  I love how they both look so worried.  I think the gingerbread man is about to get eaten...

Sweet hugs from Janny:

This was funny.  Sophie was so upset in her crib, so Michael snuck her out and gave her a popsicle.  Boy did she like that.

Michael taught her how to turn her stick into a mustache;

She was nice enough to share some with Daddy, too:

I like this one a lot.  This girl sure loves her Daddy:

I like how they're making the same face:

Happy girl with her happy Dad:

Checking out James' headphones:

And Benjamin's cell phone:

I think its pretty funny how huge Benjamin is next to Sophie:

Smooches from Uncle Benjamin:

Playing with James.  She loved having him toss her on that lovesac!

Getting stuff out of the pantry used to always be Christy's job.  Now look how tall she is!  Time to pass the torch to Sophie, I guess!

Or maybe not.

This was definitely a highlight of the trip.  We went to visit Uncle Brett and Aunt Sherry and while we were there, Ryan found out that they had a convertible in the garage.  Ryan has been in love with convertibles for a while, so he was pretty ecstatic to see one up close.

Here he is, just looking at it!

And you betcha Sherry gave them a ride!  Can you see their faces?  Ryan is the happiest boy alive.

They thought the roof was pretty amazing.  You can see their happy little faces through the windshield:

Giving Sherry some hugs:

Sophie literally hanging out with Uncle Brett.  

We went to a little festival while we were there and the kids got to dance their hearts out. These might be some of my favorite pictures of all time.  Pretty amazing moves.

Janny got them treats, tickets for the bounce house, you name it!  They had so much fun.

A happy little Sophie with her Auntie Janny:

James and Sophie:

Nice brothers:

More nice brothers!

It was such a nice trip!  We had a great time!  We love you all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I was a hoot.

So, the other day I found a diary of mine from 1994.  It had one entry in it.  Here is what it said:



I've decided to keep a diary.  My name is Sarah Caroline.  My parents wanted to call me Caroline, but they wanted to name me after my Great Grandma Sarah, too.  They didn't like the name Caroline Sarah so that's why my name is Sarah Caroline.  I'm known as Caroline.  Plain old Caroline.  I've got two sisters. 12, going on 13 year old Danica and 15 going on 16 Kelly.  I have a dog and a cat.  My dog's name is Keano, and my cat's name is French Fry.  Danica has a bird, Bright Eyes, a cockatiel, and a teddy-bear hamster named Beaver, and 4 fish without names.  I've got 3 goldfish, Tommy, Peaches and Cream.  I want a bigger pet.  I'm used to birds, hamsters and guinea pigs.  Kelly has no pets.

My mom, Susan, and my dad, Mark are Mom 36, and dad 39.  A long time ago Danica and I stuck together like 2 pieces of paper glued together.  Now Danica and Kelly are best buddies.  I'm always left out.  Danica is always telling me how she can do things I can't.  Well it just so happens that yesterday I got our church showcase window to lock when she couldn't.  My mom couldn't either.  Danica also is always critisizing me about how I chew my food.  I hate it when she does that!

I go to Cook Elementary School.  I'm 10 going on 11 years old and am in the 4th grade.  My teacher is Miss Sharon Wesolowski.  She's nice.  This year I'm probably going to be on a Woodcrest Elementary School soccer team. I hate being on another school's soccer team.  Last year I was on Siebert's team.  i play softball also.  I'm on Ace Hardware.  It's a good team.  It's Cook, too.  Finally a team from my school!

My best  friend is Becky McCarty.  She has 6 sisters, Margie 16, Heather 14, Aura 12, She is 10, (like me! She's only 14 days older), Alison 8, Katy 4, Chelsea 2, and her mom is gonna have another baby.  Our two main differences are #1 we go to different schools. #2 she started kindergarten when she was 4 so she's in 5th grade.  She's great, but sometimes it seems like we're growing apart.

My other friends are Katie Webb, Beth Koski, Anna Turek, Keegan Yaroch, Ashley Campbell, Jill Donovan, Terese Muto, Sita McInally, Megan O'Laughlin, Tiffany Case, Carrie Lockwood, Emily Sweetman, Sarah Shubatowski, and Raeshum Bailey. I don't have a crush on anyone.  I think that Sita and Joey are going out.  I was born on **/**/****.


Wow, right??  It made me laugh so hard.  I guess I see where Calvin gets his mopey-ness.  I was a hoot, huh?

Friday, October 28, 2011


So, in the spirit of catching up on posts I was supposed to do this summer, guess what I did in June?


This might be surprising to those of you who don't know me well.  to others, maybe not quite at shocking.  well, the jam part might still be shocking, but not the buying 208 pounds of strawberries part.

It all started when I went to a discount grocery store only to find strawberries on sale for 32 cents per pound.  What??  So I bought a flat.  Then Michael said i should probably go get a whole car-full.  Not needing any more persuasion, I hopped back in the car and bought 12 flats.  When I got back home, Michael suggested I go get another car-full.  So I did!  Then we spent about 4 days straight turning it all into jam.  Well, except for about 15 gallon sized freezer bags which we froze.  (Those are now all gone, by the way.  I miss opening my freezer and seeing all those strawberries waiting for me...)

And yes, even after all of that, strawberries are still my very favorite food ever.  Pretty much the best summer ever.

Here are some pretty great pictures.

Look at all those strawberries!  

This picture pretty much sums up my feelings about strawberries in general:

And Sophie feels pretty much the same way:

Now that's a happy girl!  Like mother, like daughter!

 Hard at work on the finished product.  It was a messy endeavor, but well worth it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Pictures!

The weather was so beautiful today.  It hovered just around 60 and was so gorgeous out.  I have been meaning to take my kids out and do fall portraits of them for a while now and so today I seized the moment when Sophie decided she didn't want to nap.  Normally, that would be a recipe for disaster, but I decided to try my luck anyways.  And I'm very glad I did!  We went on a walking trail just a few minutes drive from our house and it was perfect!  So here are my favorites from the outing.  Enjoy!

Calvin with a fairly cheesy but cute nonetheless smile:

Now there is a real Calvin smile:

Blue eyed baby doll:

I like this one.  She is a funny girl.

This one is a little fuzzy, but I love it so much that I threw it in anyways!

What's that? A picture of all three children smiling?  And it wasn't even photo-shopped?  Yes indeed!

I love these little goofballs:

I like this one of Calvin:

Sophie going for a stroll:

My handsome Ryan:

I love this one of them running through the trees.

Probably my favorite picture of the day.  I love this one of Ryan.  He is so grown up, though, it makes me want to cry.

It was a lovely day!