Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great Summer

Well, it was indeed a great summer.   In summary, we went all over the place, did all kinds of things and had lots of fun.  More posts on that to come.  But some of my very favorite pictures from the summer are just some everyday pictures of the kids having fun together here on lazy days at home. 

Being a full-time mom is a big job.  And if you are a mom, then you are a full-time mom, whether you stay at home or work somewhere else, whether your kids are at school for most of the day or not.  You're always worrying, always wondering what the top items on your to-do list ought to be, always tired, always wanting to give more quality time to your kids and always wishing you had the time and energy to do at least one thing really well instead of everything half-way (on a good day!).  A lot of parts of the "mom job" are pretty thankless, and while some parts are wonderful, others are kind of frustrating. 

But with the right perspective (which sometimes comes right away, and sometimes comes after they have all been tucked into bed and the house is finally quiet), the frustrating moments are fleeting, and can pretty much disappear with even just one of those sweet mommy moments.  You know the ones I'm talking about, right?  Those moments that just make you happy.  Like when they say they love you for no particular reason, or show up at the back door with some dandelions that they picked just for you, or when you sneak into their rooms when they're asleep just so you can snuggle them when they will finally stay in one place (some days it's easier remember how sweet they are when they're unconscious, anyways), or when they learn something new that just makes you so proud, or you walk into a room to find them having fun in some ridiculous way that only a kid can do.  I love those moments.  My summer had oh so many, and I think that's what made it so great.  I love my sweet kids, and I truly love being their mom.  I have the best job.

Sophie loves to lounge.  She kicks backs and relaxes on just about anything.  Here she is relaxing on the bongos:

I just think she is so cute in those (very teeny tiny miniature) pigtails:

The boys making a Sophie Sandwich.  can you see her in there?  She's the slightly worried-looking one with the sippy cup.  These boys love their sister.

Sophie and Ryan invented a new game called "pass the car".  Ryan is so good at playing with Sophie.  He's a great big brother.

The kids kicking back with a movie in the basement:

I always think it's fun when I find them playing made-up games with random things from around the house.  I think they were playing house in this one:

Sophie loves keys.  We have a metal air vent cover by our front door, and if she gets ahold of a set of keys, she will go straight there and stick the keys into the slots trying to open it or something.  I think it's pretty cute.  It keeps her occupied for at least 20 minutes at a time.

I came into Sophie's room and found this.  she had woken up from a nap crabby, but when the boys heard her, they ran in and hopped in the crib with her to read her some books.  She was very pleased.

What a nut.

Our kids have all figured out earphones, even Sophie.  We have a little iPod shuffle that we don't use anymore and put a bunch of kids music on it, and they LOVE to carry it around and listen to it. And sing along, of course.

Lily teaching Sophie how to bust a move:

A very sweet hug from my great big Ryan:


AnnaMarie said...

Well said. And adorable pictures.

Angela said...

So cute! I love all the pictures and fun updates. It just makes me wish we lived closer- I'm sure our kids would have a blast together. Especially Emily & Sophie who would probably love having another girl around. :) We'll have to make a trip up one of these days.