Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School!

Oh my, how time flies.  Not just this summer (which has been completely jam-packed and for which I owe you many, many blog posts), but basically the last 5 and a half years! 

That's right, Ryan started Spanish Immersion Kindergarten today.  He has been mostly very excited to do kindergarten in Spanish, with a couple of bouts of nervousness about not actually knowing Spanish yet.  But he's done great at the open house in April and then again at his orientation this week when they did some all-in-spanish exercises and activities.  His teacher seems like a really nice guy, and Ryan already really likes him.  One funny part from orientation was when his teacher was talking about how they had extra snacks on hand just in case, because sometimes some of the kindergarteners spill their snacks on accident and then cry and are really sad.  Ryan raised his hand and exclaimed, "I really don''t think I'm going to be one of THOSE kids."

Oh how I love my great big Ryan.  I am so proud to be his mom.  I can't believe he is already big enough for school.  Well, I can actually, because the kid is a giant, but you know what I mean.  We set out his new outfit last night and read a cute book we got at his orientation called "The Night Before Kindergarten" and I tucked him into bed with promises of a delicious snack for him to bring to school the next day (homemade cinnamon tortilla chips with fruit salsa).  His last words before bed were "Wow, Mom, do you think you could pack me a double helping of that???" 

This morning he pounced on me when he woke up an re-enacted the scene from Finding Nemo (chanting "First day of school! First day of school!") and then proceeded to ask me every 30 seconds if it was time to go yet.  Michael called to wish him good luck (he is on a business trip), and once we were all dressed and fed and photographed, we were out the door!

I held it together pretty well.  We talked about how much fun he will have and how he will make new friends and have fun with his good friend Tommy who is in his class.  I reminded him to use all of the Spanish words he knows and to look for kids who don't have any friends and invite them to be his friends.  Then I knelt down, told him I was proud of him, and then told him about how every morning when my mom dropped me off to school she would tell me to "Be a leader!"  I explained what that meant and then told him to be a leader, and then I really started to lose it so I sent him over to the fence where all of the kids from his class were lining up. 

Right then his friend Tommy arrived and those two boys started telling jokes and whispering "secrets" (I asked Ryan what they were about and he said that it was about an old fashioned convertible and a pickup truck Ryan saw on the way to school) and giggling together.  Of course, Ryan was delighted to be going to school and (true to his form) didn't have an ounce of separation anxiety.  I'm so excited to see what he has to tell me when he gets home!  He's going to have a great time.  I'll miss my buddy, but I have it easy, since it's only half-day kindergarten. 

AnnaMarie is also starting a joy school at her house and at a friend's house so it was also Calvin's first day of "preschool".  He was just as excited as Ryan, and felt like such a big boy with his backpack on.  I really love my boys and I am so grateful to be their Momma.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from this morning:

 Great big Ryan:

My boys:

The Calvinator:

Ryan in front of his school:

With his buddy, Tommy:

Me and my Ryan:

Giggling and telling secrets:

Heading off!


AnnaMarie said...

Aww, Caroline. He's so wonderful. I know he'll do great this year!

Dad said...

That's fun for Ryan.

Hey, I want some of those homemade cinnamon tortilla chips with fruit salsa, too.