Friday, July 8, 2011

Ryan Lands A Fish by Himself

Ryan is a good fishing buddy. Until yesterday he has been patient, practicing his casting and reeling in fish for me from time to time.

Yesterday we were fishing on the Mississippi and Ryan caught a fish all by himself!

I had put the worm on his hook, cast it out into the river and handed him the pole. While I was getting Calvin's rod set up Ryan started dancing around. and reeling in his fishing pole "Uh guys, I got one! I'm reeling him in!".

Usually this routine indicates that he has gotten a good snag
and that I'm going to have to tie a new hook on for him. This time however, I could see his line moving all over the place in the water. Sure enough a few moments later he swung a nice looking 12 inch channel catfish up on to the shore!


AnnaMarie said...

That is awesome! Way to go, Ryan! I love his excited face! :)

HoltFamily said...

Cool video!