Monday, July 18, 2011

Buy your kids guns!

Would you rather have your kids look like this...

Or this?

Benjamin came home from a year long trip as a foreign exchange student two weeks ago, and James got home from a 2 year mission last week, so we went up to Ironwood for the week to visit them!

Caroline probably has a whole boatload of posts and photos to share about the trip, but she's sleeping right now, and these pictures were on my camera, so here they are.

We had fun hanging out with everyone for most of the week. We mostly just hung out since I had to work, but on Friday James, Benjamin, Ryan and I went out to the gravel pit to shoot guns.

Ryan practiced with his BB gun.

James, Benjamin and I took turns shooting the rifle and shotgun. I was surprised at how cheap shotgun amo is.  $7 for a 25 pack of shells, and $7 for 90 clay pigeons.

We had a great time and all went home with sore shoulders. It was even more fun than sitting around on our computers all night.


Abbey said...

Look at James and Benjamin being all buddy buddy! And I love Ryan's pink gun.

Ben and Anna said...

ben was sitting by me while I pulled this up, and he did a double take, started to laugh, and commented "that's awesome" at the first to pictures in conjunction with the title.