Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sports Class: Soccer!

The kids had SO much fun on soccer day at their sports sampler class.  Maybe because it was a little less foreign than dribbling a basketball or wielding a hockey stick :)  But they all did a really good job, and it was really fun to watch.  I love that we live so close to Tyler and AnnaMarie and the girls.  I love that our kids are growing up to be such good buddies!

Here are some of the pictures from soccer day!

The kids in the lineup.

Katie was actually a pretty good goalie!

Kicking the ball was a whole-body thing for Calvin:

Katie and Calvin protecting their soccer balls:

Sometimes we would watch from the track which went around above the gym.  I guess soccer wasn't riveting enough, so AnnaMarie and Tyler decided to have a race.  I documented the results from the finish line.

The three amigos with their soccer balls:

Ryan showing off his skills:

A very triumphant Katie after scoring a goal:

Calvin getting ready to make his move:

And what sports class would be complete without a trip to Wendy's afterwards?? Here kids, you got some exercise, now go have some fries and a frosty!  We're REALLY good parents.  But AnnaMarie and Tyler had some free frosty coupons, the kids sure did love it.

Sophie diggin' the fries:

Katie with her frosty:

The whole gang:

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