Monday, June 6, 2011

Sports Class: Basketball!

So, we signed the kids up for a little sports class that was free at the YMCA, and boy have they loved it!  The first week was hockey, and it was so funny to watch them play.  They loved it, and didn't whack each other too much with the sticks, either.  However, I either didn't bring my camera that day or have somehow misplaced the pictures, so I don't have any pictures from hockey day.

But here are some pictures from basketball day!

Here's Calvin, perfecting his ball catching skills:

And shooting--see that follow-through?

Katie shooting:

Katie not sure if she actually wants Ryan to pass it to her:

Nice form!

They each of course had their break down moments when they buckled under the pressure...

Ryan getting some serious air:

 A little feel-better pat:

The three amigos:



And finally, nosepicking!  A very important basketball skill.


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AnnaMarie said...

Awesome pics. I think Katie melted down in every sport. I love that the kid behind Calvin is also picking his nose. Hilarious!