Sunday, June 5, 2011


 So, I'm pretty sure Sophie has Pica. The day started out innocently enough, with a peaceful nap:

But then Sophie heard Michael transplanting some wild strawberries in the front yard, and evidently the dirt started calling to her.

We did everything we could to stop her,

 but alas, the temptation was too much!

 Clearly, she couldn't fight it on her own.  She needed help.

And of course, Daddy was there to comfort her when that mean old Mommy took away her shovel and made her stop eating dirt.

Finally, with support, she was able to clean up her act. 

All's well that ends well!  (Except for the fact that she now crams her cute little face full of dirt every time she goes outside...)


Amber said...

Sophie and Brooke are evidently kindred spirits. Brooke eats dirt, sand, chalk, you name it--by the handful. So gross. She even attempted a deer pellet (apparently those taste bad even if you like dirt). I'll let you know when (hopefully not if) she grows out of it!

Amber said...

Apparently Brooke and Sophie are kindred spirits. Brooke will eat dirt, sand, and soil by the handful. So gross. She's even attempted deer pellets (which are yucky even if you like dirt). I'll let you know when (hopefully not if) she grows out of it :).

AnnaMarie said...

Yucky bucky! She is so cute.

Elizabeth said...

HAhahaha. Crazy Sophie. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have pica... she has always been a crazy good eater, right? Maybe she just is wanting to branch out?

HoltFamily said...

Joey seems to have thrived despite his dirt intake...In fact maybe it's made him stronger!

Abbey said...

I like that you take time to take pictures before you stop her. And Michael did nothing but encourage it.