Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luke and Evie and Lily, oh my!

In May we got to spend some quality time with our Barringer cousins while their parents got their house ready to put on the market!  Hooray for a new house!  Let's hope their lovely home sells quickly.  Anyone looking for a gorgeous 4 bd 3 ba home in the best school district in the state of Minnesota? Yeah, I thought so.  I can totally hook you up.

Anyways, we had a great time having all of our cousins here to visit.  The kids did so well and had so much fun playing together.  It is so great to have so much family close by!

Here are some pictures from our fun-filled days:)

Calvin, Evie and Lily coloring.  I love how Lily looks like one of the kids already.  I miss chubby wubby little baby Lily!

Calvin, getting some good laughs in:

 Sweet, happy Lily:

The kids playing golf.  I think Ryan and Evie are seriously jealous of Calvin's swing:

Evie having a good belly laugh:

The boys had so much fun playing with Evie.  They each took turns having their Evie time.  I love these ones of Ryan and Evie:

I painted Evie's nails (they are light pink, but you can't tell here...)

I turned on the bubble machine for Lily, who was ecstatic:

And I made a cinderella costume for Evie out of an old sweater and some fabric scraps.  

Sophie hanging out with her two best friends (can you imagine Sophie triplets??? Yikes...)

I love these babies together:

And all six of the Walton grandkids doing their own thing in the back yard. I love these guys!

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AnnaMarie said...

Great pictures! LOL triplet Sophie's! It'd be an emotional madness, with so little hair and SO much cuteness. I'd do it. (I mean you doing and me being the fun aunt whom all three Sophies love.)