Thursday, June 16, 2011

How do you spell Utah? G * R * A * N * D * M * A .

Well, we did it.  My sister and I flew with our 6 kids for a visit out to Utah again, just like we swore we never would ever again--see last year's post (the really great airplane story is at the end). But THIS time there was absolutely no puking plus the babies both slept like champs.  The only hiccup was when we literally came within seconds of missing our flight--I'll have to tell that part of the story in another post.  Anyways, it was a really great trip, and we had SO much fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa Walton. 

Since we did so many fun things, I will have to do a number of posts about it all.  But let me quickly tell you about one of the best parts.  My mom took each of the kids out on their own date night with Grandma (Grandpa was, sadly, out of town for this part) and they had so, so, so much fun!  Here's the breakdown of what they did:

-Calvin got to check #1 off his bucket list and actually go IN TO Fatcats.  for those of you not familiar with Fatcats, it's a bowling alley/arcade place, but what makes it special is that it has lights outside of it that look like fireworks, and for as long as i can remember him being able to talk coherently (okay, if you know Calvin, you're probably thinking that's not very long...), every time we pass Fatcats he gets SO excited about those fireworks.  Anyways, so he got to go there and play games with Grandma and then go out for a happy meal and to play at the playplace.  He was blissfully happy.
-Evie got to go with Grandma to Color Me Mine and choose and paint her own porcelain figurines.  She was in heaven.  She picked (shocker) a princess that doubled as a coin bank and I think it is so cute the way it turned out.  Grandma said Evie couldn't decide what color her dress should be and kept changing her mind partway through, so it ended up being kind of a rainbow princess, but very cute.  Grandma painted a crown-shaped jewlery box for Evie as well.
-Ryan and Luke opted to do their date night together, and so they went with Grandma to see Rio.  Wow, Ryan can not stop talking about how much fun he had.  Still.  In fact just the other day in the car he was just talking and talking about it and how much he loved going to see it with Grandma and Luke.

Thanks, Grandma!  The kids had SO much fun getting to spend some quality time with their Grandma.  They love you so much!

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of fun times around Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Making the slide into a waterslide!  Wow, they had a great time doing this. Kept them busy for HOURS!

Not sure exactly what Calvin is doing here, or what he is holding, but he sure gave me a good laugh:

Lily kept getting stuck on this ladder.  Poor little naked Lily.

The kids got to spend some quality time with Abbey and Spencer.  Wow, did they ever love Spencer (and Abbey, too, of course)!  They would squeal with delight whenever we announced that they were coming over.  Here they all are cuddled up watching Tangled:

Whenever it got too quiet, we could almost always find Evie holed away somewhere sneaking in some iPad time:

The big kids got to hike the Y with Grandma, Grandpa and Kelly.  Calvin had to stay home with me and the babies, so as a consolation prize, I made him a very long Rapunzel braid out of yarn, and tied it to a hat so he could wear it.  My oh my did he love it! 

 I also took him out later to hike the "I", just me and him. It's for a private school near my parents' house, so it's just on the side of a hill.  But he felt VERY accomplished and was so excited to get a white rock from the top, just like the big kids did!  Here's what the I looks like, but I didn't get a shot of Calvin there:

Grandpa hanging out with the babies and the dogs:

Grandma let the kids do her makeup!!!  Doesn't she look great?

Grandma and Sophie:

Grandma reading the kids bedtime stories--this one looks like a nail biter!

Sophie playing in the sandbox:

I LOVE this picture of Calvin.  He was pretending he could fly.

Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad!  We sure love you!  More fun Utah posts to come!

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AnnaMarie said...

There are some precious pictures in this post. What a great time. BTW, what a great mom you are, making Calvin that hat and taking him to the "I." Don't you love that Calvin knew from the fireworks that Fatcats would be just magical inside? :) Also, I love that Evie (& Spencer!) couldn't tear their eyes off Tangled long enough to take a picture. Haha.