Saturday, June 4, 2011 June??

I'm back!  I finally made myself go through my hundreds and hundreds of pictures tonight (it took over 3 hours, mind you) and organize them into blogworthy picture folders, so hooray, you'll be seeing a lot more action on this blog for the next couple of weeks! 

I will attempt to go in chronological order, for the sake of any future blog books.  Strictly speaking, Calvin's friend birthday party pictures should be next, but those pictures are on Michael's computer, so I'll have to get to those later. 

So, first off, Easter! 

We had a great Easter this year.  Since we had Calvin's parties on his birthday on Friday, Saturday was all freed up for an egg hunt and a delicious meal at AnnaMarie and Tyler's house.  Dad, Christy and Vick were all in town, and AnnaMarie had an awesome display, including edible grass,which the kids of course loved.  I probably forgot my camera that day or something, because I don't have any pictures from our Saturday festivities.  But we did have a great time!

I've been pretty wishy-washy about what I want to do about the Easter Bunny.  I have seriously great memories of egg hunts and easter baskets as a kid, and I really want to continue those traditions, but I'm thinking of maybe trying to do all of that stuff on the day before Easter, at least in the future, so we can free up actual Easter to teach the kids about the Savior and what Easter actually means. 

This year the Easter Bunny forgot about baskets until very late on Saturday night.  Luckily, target was still open.  So they were waiting for the kids on Sunday morning this year.  Which turned out fine, but hopefully the bunny will be better prepared next year so we can keep that on Saturday.

The boys LOVED their goodies, though.  Talk about easy pleasers.  A tube of chapstick, a couple of treats, and some sidewalk chalk and BAM, the Easter Bunny was their new BFF.  Sophie was also thrilled about her new collection of binkies.  Thanks, Easter Bunny! 

Christy slept over on Saturday night, so she was there for the boys to play with for a while, which was wonderful.  I just love Christy!  Grandpa and Vick came to pick her up pretty early, though, so they could go to church with AnnaMarie at 9, since ours doesn't start until 1:30. 

This was Sophie's first Easter, and let me tell you, did I ever have fun dressing her up in her Easter dress!  Eeeeek!  Pay special attention to her [meager] hair.

We had a lovely time at church and then had a relaxing evening at home together, which is always nice.  We were able to have a nice talk with the boys about what Easter really means.  I am so grateful to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for His sacrifice for all of us, and it brings a special sense of joy and fulfillment to teach my children about Him.  I am so grateful for His life and example.  I know that if we do our very best to emulate His example in our lives, we will find strength, peace, joy and enduring happiness.  I am so grateful that He died for us, and was resurrected so that we, too, can live again.He not only died for us, but He also suffered our pains, struggles, sorrows and disappointment.  He knows exactly how we feel and exactly how to heal us and help us through our trials.  I am so grateful for that knowledge.

So, happy belated Easter, everybody! 

Now here are some pictures!

The boys, discovering their Easter baskets:

And REALLY loving their chapstick:

Binkies??  Hooray!

Ryan snuggling up with Aunt Christy:

Sophie and Christy:

Sophie with Grandpa and Vick:

Later in the morning I had time to help her hair evolve a little.  OHMYGOODNESS, can you even believe the sweetness?  No, neither can I.

Here she is in all of her Easter dress glory:


Emily said...

Sophie is so cute in her dress!! :) Love that the boys love chapstick. I want the Easter Bunny to come either on the first day of spring or the Saturday before Easter. . . though Monday after Easter would be better for clearance items. :) The EB hasn't come to our house yet.

AnnaMarie said...

Good, I'm looking forward to catching up! :) I ADORE Sophie's Easter hair!