Friday, May 27, 2011

So far today...

So far today, in the last few minutes actually, Calvin slammed (on purpose) the door on Sophie's fingers, once again ripping a sizable amount of skin right off (ironic, considering my last post, no?), Ryan managed to punch himself pretty hard in the eye (trying to rip some ribbon in half with his hands, of course), and Calvin felt so left out with everyone else crying, that he deliberately scooted his very heavy wooden airplane off of the shelf and onto his foot (seriously, I can read that kid's face like a book, and that was his exact thought process).  I think it hurt a lot more than he anticipated, though.  His tears were very real.  Anyways, it has been one LONG morning of a lot of crying.  I actually said as I walked up the stairs from the basement "I am not responding to any more crying this morning, so please stop hurting yourselves!"  Then I was deciding between leaving the house and sitting by myself in the back yard for a while or hiding under a blanket somewhere and taking a nap.  Then I decided to do a blog post instead.  More theraputic.

The upside?  I came up to check on Sophie (Michael so far has only had about 3 hours of sleep but still woke up to all the screaming and took Sophie for me while I had a nice chat with Calvin about slamming doors on people), and found this:

She was thrashing around so much that I could only manage to get a bandaid on one finger, so you can see her little bandaged pinky here all snuggled up with her Daddy and her very favorite friend, Violet (thank you, Janny!!!).  The owies are all on the bottom side of her fingers, so you can't see them here.  This girl loves her Daddy, and I always love finding them cuddled up somewhere snoozing.

Also, I am happy to report that although there has been more crying from the basement since I started this post, the boys have apparantly resolved matters themselves and are now playing happily together.

I know I owe you all about a million updates, but I'll have to wait until I have more energy.  I thought today might be the day, but I might decide instead to be busy making delicious goodies (also theraputic) which I will have to force myself to give away to other people.  Anyone need to eat some delicious goodies today? Because I REALLY need to make some.


Emily said...

Yikes. Silly kids. That is the sweetest picture! Glad you're doing some yummy therapy. :)

Abbeyfan said...

Sorry about the kids. But mail the treats to Christy -- she'll share them!

Abbeyfan said...

Sorry about the kids. But mail the treats to Christy -- she'll share them!

AnnaMarie said...

Ouch, sad morning. Good therapy, though! Keep the bloggies coming! :) Love ya, and miss hanging out with you!

Amber said...

Oh, I just laughed so hard. I'm so sorry. That little Calvin is quite the character.
You can do it...even if you have to hide in the backyard (or lock your kids in their rooms for naptime like I am currently doing).
You could bring me the treats--who doesn't love a quick trip to TX?