Friday, May 6, 2011

Caroline is Pretty Amazing

Caroline is pretty amazing. I'd like to set the record straight just in case anyone thinks that by being a stay-at-home mom she actually gets to stay at home, or has a cushy life.

This has been a fairly typical week for her as far as I can tell, and she has been helping people left and right.

A Typical Weekly Calendar

Monday: She makes cookies for an inactive family and drives us all over there to deliver them. Since they're not home, she writes an epic on their paper plate.

Tuesday and Wednesday: She went to a friend's who is getting ready to sell their house. She helped get the house ready for sale. She even slept over there with all 3 of our kids. Then on Tuesday she brought the friend's two daughters to our house for a sleepover AND painted and decorated canvases to decorate that friend's house.

Wednesday: Goes back to said friend's house to continue the process.Gets home about 8:00 PM. Gets asked to watch two kids Thursday morning. Says "Yes" and goes right out to the store to buy snacks for the kids since one has some dietary restrictions.

Thursday: Watches the kids (ours, plus our friends') and cleans the house.

Thursday Afternoon: The plan is to have one of Ryan's friends over to play. Is asked to come help another friend who runs a daycare for a couple of hours. Says yes, brings Ryan, Ryan's friend and Sophie to the daycare.

Thursday night: Whips up some homemade fruit dip for a Primary presidency meeting. 

Friday: The plan is to have a slumber party with 3 cousins.

Saturday:  There's still lots of time for something to find her her to find something to do.

In between all this she somehow managed to
  • make a Cinderella maid outfit for my niece
  • help me transplant about 100 plants
  • clean the whole house every day and 
  • make a custom present for a boy's birthday party on Saturday that he's going to love
  • make homemade dinners every night this week (except the night she went to help prep the house for selling)
  • work on an awesome wooden bookshelf for the kids that's going to look like a tree 
Caroline Time!

And she still manages to be optimistic about getting some time to herself. She's got lots of projects she would love to be doing. Here are some of her most selfish desires:
  • She wishes she could take the kids to the library to return the old books and check out some more.
  • She wishes she could work on the kid's bookshelf for a couple of hours without interruption
  • She wants to reupholster a kid's size easy chair for to match the couch she already  reupholtered. 
  • She wants to make meal plans and go to the grocery store
  • She wants sleep in past 6:15 when Calvin wakes up
  • She wants to find exciting recipes to cook and bake and then share them with people. 
  • She wants to go to the gym without worrying if they're going to have to call her in to take care of the kids.
Not a Mothersday Post
For the record, this is not a Mothersday post, it's just a regular post. Caroline is amazing everyday.


Elizabeth said...

Caroline IS amazing!
I was just thinking about it yesterday and sent her a note about it... we're so on the same wavelength, haha.
Hopefully she can get to have a luxurious getaway with you guys to some place with bayous soon. :)

AnnaMarie said...

That is so true. I'm glad you married someone who recognizes all these amazing things about you, Caroline. You rock!

Abbeyfan said...

Yay for Caroline. All I got done this week was go to the grocery store on Monday morning. She IS amazing. (We watched the M/C Wedding Video this week, too. That's important).

Abbeyfan said...

Yay for Caroline. All I got done this week was go to the grocery store on Monday morning. She IS amazing. (We watched the M/C Wedding Video this week, too. That's important).

Kelly said...

And by "helping a friend get ready to sell their house" you mean "helping a sister get ready to sell her house." I appreciate you and love you. You're the best! Please please please send your kids over here in a few weekends so you can sleep in past 6:15? I'll make you dinner! And oh, by the way, when I asked Luke today on the way home if he missed us he said "uh, no!" (duh, Mom, having way to much fun at awesome aunt Caroline's house!).