Saturday, May 28, 2011


Friday, May 27, 2011

So far today...

So far today, in the last few minutes actually, Calvin slammed (on purpose) the door on Sophie's fingers, once again ripping a sizable amount of skin right off (ironic, considering my last post, no?), Ryan managed to punch himself pretty hard in the eye (trying to rip some ribbon in half with his hands, of course), and Calvin felt so left out with everyone else crying, that he deliberately scooted his very heavy wooden airplane off of the shelf and onto his foot (seriously, I can read that kid's face like a book, and that was his exact thought process).  I think it hurt a lot more than he anticipated, though.  His tears were very real.  Anyways, it has been one LONG morning of a lot of crying.  I actually said as I walked up the stairs from the basement "I am not responding to any more crying this morning, so please stop hurting yourselves!"  Then I was deciding between leaving the house and sitting by myself in the back yard for a while or hiding under a blanket somewhere and taking a nap.  Then I decided to do a blog post instead.  More theraputic.

The upside?  I came up to check on Sophie (Michael so far has only had about 3 hours of sleep but still woke up to all the screaming and took Sophie for me while I had a nice chat with Calvin about slamming doors on people), and found this:

She was thrashing around so much that I could only manage to get a bandaid on one finger, so you can see her little bandaged pinky here all snuggled up with her Daddy and her very favorite friend, Violet (thank you, Janny!!!).  The owies are all on the bottom side of her fingers, so you can't see them here.  This girl loves her Daddy, and I always love finding them cuddled up somewhere snoozing.

Also, I am happy to report that although there has been more crying from the basement since I started this post, the boys have apparantly resolved matters themselves and are now playing happily together.

I know I owe you all about a million updates, but I'll have to wait until I have more energy.  I thought today might be the day, but I might decide instead to be busy making delicious goodies (also theraputic) which I will have to force myself to give away to other people.  Anyone need to eat some delicious goodies today? Because I REALLY need to make some.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ryan is my helper buddy

Ryan and Calvin both love helping me with whatever project I'm working on, and I nearly always love having them too.

We recently got 400+ used bricks to use for landscaping. Most were clean, but this block needed to be knocked apart and Ryan really wanted to do it.

He got his work gloves his hammer and safety glasses all by himself.  He was so cute banging away on the cement I had to take a picture.

Here's what happened when I asked him to look tough. Click the picture to see his facial expression if it's not big enough.

He's a funny guy.

He did end up getting several big pieces of cement off all by himself though! He's a good worker.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies out there! I had an excellent day, thanks to a very thoughtful husband and some really sweet kiddos.  I slept in and woke up a couple of hours later than usual to the delicious smells of breakfast and the happiest bunch of kid faces you could imagine.  They gave me extra sweet hugs and smooches and some darling cards they had made.  It was a great way to wake up!

Next we had a delicious breakfast made by Michael, of course, followed by an early nap time and a nice, quiet Sunday morning, which is unusual around here!  Next it was some really delicious BLTs for lunch (one of my favorites) and then the kids had a present parade while Michael played the bongos and the kids each brought out a present.  They were so excited and very pleased with themselves!  It was a really great Mothers Day morning!  Thanks Michael for making it so perfect!

Little did I know, my most expensive present was waiting just around the corner...

That's right!  What Mothers day would be complete without a trip to the emergency room?  This does, by the way, happen to be the only picture I got on Mothers Day this year.  I had planned on snapping some with my kids after church, but that didn't really work out!  We were a little busy...

Calvin got his hand closed in one of the very heavy doors at church, and it was pretty gruesome, for me anyways.  Poor little Calvin got the skin scraped off 3 of his fingers from the nail beds down about an inch on the worst one.  I could see where his fingernails actually ended, which was pretty yucky as far as I'm concerned.  Anyways, he of course was terrified and in a lot of pain, and bleeding, so after consulting with some nurses at church, I decided to take him in to have it looked at. 

It was raining buckets, and the drive to the hospital was more than a little stressful.  Calvin was completely beside himself and it was just me and him in the car.  Once we got there, I was able to calm him down a bit in the waiting room by telling him stories.  He mostly just requested the 3 little pigs, so we just told that one over and over again.

At least they got us in quickly and we were soon in a room of our own.  I sat on the hospital bed and just held him in my arms and they just checked him out from my lap, which was nice.  They decided they wanted to take some x-rays, so they just wheeled the bed down the hall.  He thought that was pretty great, getting to ride on a bed.  He liked the x-rays and thought they were pretty cool.  He liked wearing the lead vest, too.  After that, they wheeled us back to the room and he just fell right asleep in my arms, the poor little guy! 

That ended up working out really well, since he was asleep for all the clean up and bandaging, which I'm pretty sure would have really freaked him out, had he been awake.  Turns out he "probably has a small fracture" in one finger (translation--he's fine, and you probably really didn't need to bring him in, but since it's costing you hundreds of dollars, we'll just drop in the word "fracture" to help you feel a little better), and they put him on antibiotics just to prevent any infections. 

So, by the time we were discharged, he had been asleep in my arms for about an hour or so.  He slept until we had just left the building, and I was carrying him out to the car.  He woke up all smiles, looked at his hand with a big grin and said, "HEY!  They didn't even hurt me!"  All the way home he was a happy, smiley little guy talking about riding on a bed and getting kitty cat bandaids and the cool hospital bracelets he got to wear. 

When we got home, Michael had some goodies and a little bed set up for him on the couch with a movie ready.  He way beyond thrilled.  Then we had some delicious shredded pork sandwiches for dinner, and Ryan made dessert for me all by himself (lemon bars, and they were delicious!). 

So, even though there was a small hiccup in the plans, it really was a great Mothers Day.  I feel so blessed to have my family.  Love you guys so much!

Friday, May 6, 2011

12 steps? I can't hardly WALK 12 steps!

Caroline is Pretty Amazing

Caroline is pretty amazing. I'd like to set the record straight just in case anyone thinks that by being a stay-at-home mom she actually gets to stay at home, or has a cushy life.

This has been a fairly typical week for her as far as I can tell, and she has been helping people left and right.

A Typical Weekly Calendar

Monday: She makes cookies for an inactive family and drives us all over there to deliver them. Since they're not home, she writes an epic on their paper plate.

Tuesday and Wednesday: She went to a friend's who is getting ready to sell their house. She helped get the house ready for sale. She even slept over there with all 3 of our kids. Then on Tuesday she brought the friend's two daughters to our house for a sleepover AND painted and decorated canvases to decorate that friend's house.

Wednesday: Goes back to said friend's house to continue the process.Gets home about 8:00 PM. Gets asked to watch two kids Thursday morning. Says "Yes" and goes right out to the store to buy snacks for the kids since one has some dietary restrictions.

Thursday: Watches the kids (ours, plus our friends') and cleans the house.

Thursday Afternoon: The plan is to have one of Ryan's friends over to play. Is asked to come help another friend who runs a daycare for a couple of hours. Says yes, brings Ryan, Ryan's friend and Sophie to the daycare.

Thursday night: Whips up some homemade fruit dip for a Primary presidency meeting. 

Friday: The plan is to have a slumber party with 3 cousins.

Saturday:  There's still lots of time for something to find her her to find something to do.

In between all this she somehow managed to
  • make a Cinderella maid outfit for my niece
  • help me transplant about 100 plants
  • clean the whole house every day and 
  • make a custom present for a boy's birthday party on Saturday that he's going to love
  • make homemade dinners every night this week (except the night she went to help prep the house for selling)
  • work on an awesome wooden bookshelf for the kids that's going to look like a tree 
Caroline Time!

And she still manages to be optimistic about getting some time to herself. She's got lots of projects she would love to be doing. Here are some of her most selfish desires:
  • She wishes she could take the kids to the library to return the old books and check out some more.
  • She wishes she could work on the kid's bookshelf for a couple of hours without interruption
  • She wants to reupholster a kid's size easy chair for to match the couch she already  reupholtered. 
  • She wants to make meal plans and go to the grocery store
  • She wants sleep in past 6:15 when Calvin wakes up
  • She wants to find exciting recipes to cook and bake and then share them with people. 
  • She wants to go to the gym without worrying if they're going to have to call her in to take care of the kids.
Not a Mothersday Post
For the record, this is not a Mothersday post, it's just a regular post. Caroline is amazing everyday.