Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sophie Sausages

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Sophie and I had a great time at our first BBQ of the season.

She was a big fan of the brats.We are training her so she can go to a Packer game with her Great-Aunt Janny some day.

We once texted our friends to see if they were coming over for a cookout. "Coming over for the brats?" the text said. The husband hadn't heard about the cookout and quickly called and said confusedly "I didn't know we were baby sitting today."

He did admit that us calling our kids brats didn't make much sense since we don't call them that. (We like our kids!).


AnnaMarie said...

Gross! :) But cute also. I vote for Brats for Tots.

Elizabeth said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA best confusing text in history!