Monday, April 4, 2011

Ryan's 5th Birthday Party

No one knows how to throw a birthday party like Grandma Walton, let me just start by saying that.  Ryan was one lucky duck, having his birthday at Grandma's house.  Her party was WAY better than any party I would have thrown him.  He scored big time.  She hired a magician.  And invited the entire primary from her ward (church congregation), where she is the primary president, and we invited a couple of good friends and my cousins and their children who lived in the area  Seriously? 25 "friends" AND a magician AND ice cream sandwiches instead of cake?  Best birthday party ever.

The magician was kind of weird looking (not sure what I was expecting, but not this guy...) but did a GREAT job!  Ryan had so much fun, he was beside himself.  He really had so much fun at his birthday party.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! You guys really made his day!

Here are some pictures from the party:

Everybody gearing up for the magic show:

Sophie thought the party was splendid:

Favorite part, hands down.  The magician said he needed someone very brave, and of course everyone raised their hands.  He asked Ryan to come up and showed him this little contraption below, except with a carrot, and showed him how it could chap a carrot in half.  Then he said he ran out of carrots so he needed Ryan to stick his finger in.  Ryan was adamant that he was not going to do that.  Michael and I were wagering on whether he would or wouldn't.  I said no way.  But everyone was chanting for him to do it, and a couple of us assured him that his finger wouldn't get cut off, and lo and behold, he did it!

Can you see the concern on his face?  I didn't get the best shot of it, but it was pretty funny:

 And here he is at the end of the trick, with all 10 fingers!  Can you see how he's pulling on his own finger to make sure it is still attached?  It was too cute and very very funny.  I told Michael that Ryan was braver than I thought, and Michael added that he was also more susceptible to peer pressure than we thought :)

The kids all thought this guy was the greatest thing ever:

Ryan in his cape with the magician about to put this bunny hat on him.  I think after the finger thing, Ryan just really didn't trust this guy...

Ready to do a little magic himself:

Underwear came out of the magic wand.  Classic.  Ryan thought this was hilarious, of course:

Saying the magic words:

Opening presents, surrounded by tons and tons of kids. What a great birthday!

Thanks again, Grandma and Grandpa Walton!  What a terrific day he had!


AnnaMarie said...

That is completely awesome. What a party, and great pictures! Love that Ryan guy.

Abbeyfan said...

That magician looks like he was fun .... and he could double for an Elvis Magician!

Elizabeth said...

Whaaaat? I thought Elvis lived down here!