Friday, April 8, 2011

Ryan the exceptional

Ryan always finds the exception to the rule. If you tell him "Never ever tell a lie" he'll say something like "Well, if we're just pretending about playing maybe we could pretend to tell a lie".

So we're watching this video:

And they say something about "theater per capita...nothing rhymes with capita".

When the video is done Ryan says "Dad, some stuff rhymes with capita, right?". "Like what?" I ask. "Um....capiBA?"

Me: "Is capiba a real word"
Ryan: "Well, I would just name of my kids that when I have kids."

That's right. Ryan is so determined to find the exception he's willing to name his kids weird names.


AnnaMarie said...

Funny. :) I bet he'll name the other Borange and Gurple, too.

HoltFamily said...

I love Ryan! He cracks me up all the time! And I hope I still know him when he names his baby Capiba! :)