Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Great Big 3 Year Old!

Well, today my sweet, stormy little Calvin turned 3 years old!  3 years ago today I was snuggling this little gem.

Calvin has always been on my team.  He came right on his due date, successfully getting me out of my last final of my first year of MBA school.  And he's the only one of my kids that looks anything like me.  He's my little buddy.  Here are some things you should all know about this guy at 3 years old:

-Calvin gives the best hugs.  My favorite hugs from Calvin are usually right after he gets out of his nursery class at church.  I'm not sure why, maybe he just really loves it in there, but every time he gets out, he runs down the hall at church as fast as he can, grinning ear to ear, throws his arms around my neck and gives me the biggest, most excited hug you can imagine.  It is the sweetest thing ever.

-Calvin wants to be just like his big brother.  He picks the same food as Ryan, wants the same color of cup as Ryan at meal times, wants to wear the same clothes as Ryan, you name it. Yesterday I let the boys pick out a donut from the store.  Ryan picked first, and when it was Calvin's turn, even though I know he is a sucker for chocolate and sprinkles, he picked the plain one with white icing just so he could be like Ryan.  They are best buddies.  They LOVE to play together, and I love watching them come up with crazy ideas together.

-Calvin's favorite foods are PBJs, suckers, and yogurt with fresh strawberries with just a little bit of cereal or granola on top.  He also loves green beans, but usually only the beans inside of the shell.  You know, those tiny little things about the size of a grain of rice?  Yeah those.  He picks them all out and leaves the shell.  He also loves milk.  A lot. 

-Calvin has one heck of a pouty face.  I really need to get it on camera.  He's a very sensitive little guy, so we get the pouty face a lot.  It's sort of a trademark and comes along with a sad little moan/whimper that I can't really describe.  It's almost always irrational, but sometimes it's a genuine sad face.  Usually when he's tired.

-Calvin is a very vivid dreamer.  And it's pretty much always something scary or sad or unjust.  A while ago he woke up in the middle of the night sobbing uncontrollably.  I went in to see what was wrong, and he eventually was able to tell me that Katie wasn't sharing with him and no one was letting him have a turn.  So I said "Well, you tell Katie that Mommy said it is Calvin's turn and that if people won't share with you, they will have a time out!"  Then he stopped crying immediately and was out like a light.  Other recent dreams that come to mind are "A tiger ripped my jacket" and "there are Germans under my bed and they are going to bite me!"

-Calvin likes to fib.  Whether it's making up stories or just plain lying straight to your face even when he has no chance of actually being believed.  Case in point: the other day he was talking to his grandma on the phone and she asked him what he was doing that day, and he said "Oh, nothing.  Well, my dad fell off the roof today."  He's slowly figuring out that it's not always a good idea to lie, though, so I'm sure he'll snap out of it.

-Calvin is our little emotional sweetheart.  From the time he was just a couple of weeks old, my dad pointed out that he was usually either very happy or acting like the world was ending.  He's still that way today.  When Calvin is happy, he is REALLY happy.  He is at his best just after nap time, right away in the morning, or when he is getting quality mommy/daddy time (like when Ryan is at school and Sophie is asleep).  Then he is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY sweetest little boy in the world.  But when he's not super happy, he's a "glass half empty"/"everybody's out to get me" sort of guy and has his trademark grumpy face on.  It's funny to watch.

-Calvin is really sweet. He loves to share and he loves to help.  He loves to do his chores.  He loves to give people hugs and kisses when they're feeling sad.  He can be a very good snuggler when he puts his mind to it.

-Calvin has a great imagination and is very good at pretending.  He is usually pretending to be something, whether it's the bunny from Hoodwinked, Diego or Alicia, Lightening McQueen, a dog, a crane, you name it. 

We sure love you, Calvin.

Calvin had a wonderful birthday today.  He had a great little party with his friends, and then we had a great little party with our family, including AnnaMarie and Tyler and the girls, and Grandpa, Christy and Vick.  He woke up at 5:20 AM and snuggled me for about 40 minutes.  Then he discovered his birthday surprises and was thrilled to death all day.  He wasn't even grouchy at all, despite not napping and having a very full day.  He was oh so happy.  It was a really great 3 year old birthday. 

I got some pictures from our family party, but AnnaMarie was the official photographer of the friend party, so I'll talk more about that when I get those pictures from her.  But here are some of the ones I got:

Some surprises waiting for him this morning.  He loves his new car rug!

He had a GREAT time drawing on the mirrors with dry erase markers:

Opening some presents:

Ryan and Michael made him his very own toolbox.  And filled it with real tools just for him.

I made the best. cake. ever.  

Calvin loves bugs.  

checking to make sure they aren't real...

 Blowing out the candles:

He LOVED the bugs.  He ate almost all of them.

Here he is saying "OH NO!!!! IT'S GOING TO STING ME!" At which point he poked himself with its face.  The Michael informed him that bees sting with their backside.

So he tried it out.  

 Eating candy with Ryan and Katie.  3 amigos!


ThePalmers said...

Please tell me you did not make that professional looking cake. It would make me feel horrible of a mom because Brennen didn't even get a cake for his birthday. Poor kid got cupcakes. Caroline- you are AMAZING!

Michael said...

Amber, Amber, Amber...this was just the family cake for his family party. His friends party DID have cupcakes.

Caroline baked the cupcakes right inside of icecream cones, then decorated them to look like they had sprinkles on them.

Elizabeth said...

That cake is the bomb!!! Way to put the pressure on Caroline, sheesh!

We love Calvin!

Also, I love the picture of Calvin sleeping. I seriously have to fight the urge to take pictures of Elliot every time he falls asleep. Kids sleeping are too cute.

Emily said...

Happy birthday Calvin!! I loved learning more about him. That cake is AMAZING.

Caity said...

I always thought from the pics that Ryan looks just like you :)

That is a WAY cute cake!

Kelly said...

So cool! I love love love the cake.

Dad said...

How did I not comment on this post yet? I thought I had...told you how much I love Calvin. He's a special little guy to me and always will be. I LOVE his stormy, emotional little personality. He's the best. I love how excited he was about his whole special day. And that cake rocked. Seriously rocked. So did those cake-cones. And the mama cat game. I sure hope we can get those pictures off my camera/computer!

AnnaMarie said...

Oh, that last comment was from AnnaMarie, not Dad. But he loves Calvin, too.