Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Idaho AND the saddest looking baby in the world

Due to some unforseen circumstances, we ended up driving up to Idaho at the end of our trip to Utah.  We had an amazing time, and I am SO glad our trip worked out the way it did!  Sorry to those of you who live there that I didn't see--it was kind of a last-minute, whirlwind trip!

We got to stay with my cousin Kirk and his lovely wife Amy and their adorable kids.  They were such gracious hosts and we had so much fun staying with them!  And I was so glad to make it there for her baby shower!  It was so much fun!  Ryan made a new best friend in little Livy (5).  He still talks about her regularly ("Mom, can I please please please read books in bed JUST LIKE LIVY??").  And and Calvin he loved trying to keep up with Brandon and Finn (both 7).  Erik (11) showed Ryan his seriously awesome Lego ships and Ryan was on the verge of drooling.  Porter is the most polite, sweetest kid ever and was Sophie's main man while we were there.  She fell asleep in his arms at church (he is 11 guys--amazing!).  And Kirk Jr. (14) spent like 2 hours straight playing "crocodiles" (pretending to run away from crocodiles before they eat you, I think) with Calvin, no joke! And we had such a great time swimming and chatting and just generally hanging out with Kirk and Amy.  Thanks so much, guys!

Then we started our long trip home and headed from Boise to Idaho Falls where we stayed the night at the home of one of Michael's best friends growing up, Ty Stone, and his wife Emily and their daughter Ansley.  They were so sweet to have us!  Emily made this amazing trifle dessert that was ready and waiting for us when we pulled in, Ansley was a champ at sharing all her toys, and Ty and Michael had a great time catching up. The next day they showed us around Idaho Falls.  We got to go see the falls, which I had never been to, and the temple was actually right across the falls from where we were--so beautiful (to learn more about temples, go here).  We had such a great time with them.  Thanks so much for having us, guys!  We'd love to return the favor some time!

This trip made me feel so blessed with the friendships we have in our lives.  It was so great to catch up with our family members that we don't see often.  And friends like Anna  (who I knew growing up) and Ty (who Michael knew growing up) and their families.  We each hadn't seen them in years and years, but they were both just so sweet to have us over and it was like we and all been friends for a long, long time.  We also got to see our old friends the Christiansens while we were in Utah, and it seemed just the way it did when we used to live here.  I've just been feeling so blessed to have so many people in our lives that we can call friends, even if we haven't seen them in years and years.  It was a great trip!

Here are some pictures from our Idaho leg of the trip:

Ryan and his new BFF, Livy.  I LOVE this picture:

Here we are at the falls in Idaho Falls.  Is that a genuine smile on your face, Calvin?  Wow!

Ty and Michael and the kids:

The beautiful Idaho Falls temple:

Ty and Michael:

So, during our trip home, Sophie started getting a couple of spots about the size of mosquito bites.  Michael noticed the first few on her tummy when we were staying at Ty and Emily's.  So that was Sunday night.  On Monday morning, there were more.  But they mostly followed where her clothes touched her, so after consulting with a nurse on the phone at my Pediatrician's office and with Dr. Kelly, we all decided it was probably just a reaction to laundry detergent or something.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday morning.  Hello?? 24 hours later?  She was so miserable, that poor little girl.  So on Tuesday night we had a hotel booked in Miles City, SD.  So we finally made it there late late late at night (3 AM maybe?) and first order of business when I woke up was to find a pediatrician somewhere.  Luckily, Miles City, SD has a walk-in pediatric clinic (hooray!) and when we got there, they took one look at little Sophie and and shuttled us to the front of the line. She really did look awful!

The doctor there informed us that Sophie is allergic to penicillan, which she had been on until Saturday night because I took her to the doctor in Utah because she had an ear infection.  Super!  But apparantly sometimes the reactions don't happen until they're off the thing they are allergic to--not sure how that works!  Anyways, they put her on a bazillion different medications and she was looking a lot better within just a couple of days.  She was such a trooper, considering she was so uncomfortable and had to be strapped into her car seat the whole time since we were smack dab in the middle of a cross-country road trip.  Poor little girl.  Guess now we know!

Here you go, some of the saddest pictures you'll probably ever see:

These things turned from little puffy mosquito bite things into these giant purple-ringed welts.  Her face was just starting to break out here.  Can you see her little arms at the bottom?  

 Her whole body was just covered!  Look at those sad little arms and legs!

Sad, nasty, gigantic welts! And, for your information, I actually only took these pictures for diagnosis purposes on Dr. Kelly's orders.

Sophie loves glasses, so I got her three pairs to help her feel better.  I think it worked.  A little.


AnnaMarie said...

Aww, poor little Sophie! Thank goodness for that clinic in SD! I love the first pics, though! How cool to have one of Ty & Michael after all this time. Fun!

Elizabeth said...

Oh noooo! :( Poor Sophie! She's in good company, though, Erik is also allergic to penicillin.
I seriously cringed looking at the pictures... saddest baby ever.

Caity said...

I'm glad you had such a nice trip. And that poor little Sophie! I'm glad you know to stay away from penicillin now though.

Emily said...

Oh poor Sophie!! I'm glad Mile City had a walk in clinic and was able to help her.

That's a great picture of Ryan and Livy!

We're so glad you guys came!!