Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday, Sophie Dear!


     This girl turned one year old today.  I can't believe that this:

was a whole year ago.  And now she is a sweet and spunky little toddler!  Here are a few things you should know about Sophie at 1.

-She still loves Michael the best.
-One of her very favorite activities is dancing to the record .player with her brothers
-She is finally sleeping well at night (I'm talking 6:30 pm bedtime and 6:30 am wakeup.  Ahhhh, sleep!  Welcome back!).
-She has discovered that the basement is full of toys, and gets very indignant if I don't let her go down there and play with the boys.
-She loves to comb her non-existent hair.  Go figure!
-If I stretch out my arms to her when she is walking, she (almost without fail) turns right around and heads the other way as fast as she can.
-She can now get things off the kitchen table and counters.
-Her favorite foods are oranges, pancakes, pbjs, macaroni, bananas, and chicken and broccoli alfredo.
-She still completely loses it when she wants a bottle of milk and sees me getting one ready (this takes about 20 seconds).  She has ALWAYS done that.
-Calvin likes to call her "meister"
-She loves to look at books in bed.
-She loves the bear hand puppet we have, especially when Michael makes it talk to her and give her kisses.
-I cuddled her to sleep tonight, and it was very sweet.

So as a very special birthday treat, I took Sophie to the doctor today for her one year checkup and shots!  She was a very good sport, especially while the doctor checked her out.  She was enthralled with the stethoscope and the tongue depresser.  Not so excited about the needles.  But my little girl is getting bigger!  She is now 29 1/4 inches tall (51st percentile), 21 pounds 4 oz (50th percentile), and her head is 46 1/2 cm (80th percentile).  So I'm happy to say that she is now average with a big head!  Way to go, Sophie!

Sophie's favorite part of her birthday was dancing to a hoedown record with Ryan this afternoon.  She was so, so happy.  At 4:00, all of the cousins came over for gingerbread pancakes for dinner (with homemade cinnamon syrup-SO GOOD!), presents and cake.  It was a beautiful 60 degrees today, so they all ate and played outside.  What a wonderful day!  Thanks for coming to help Sophie celebrate, everybody!

Here are about a million pictures from her big day.  Sorry, I'm bad at choosing :)

 Being big:

We had a couple of friends over this morning.  Nothing makes a one year old feel big like having a little baby around to terrorize.  Poor little Samuel looks pretty freaked out.  (Don't worry, she never actually got around to touching him.  She's pretty busy):

Dancing with Ryan t o a hoedown record:

Sophie's cake:

She got upset when everyone started singing to her...

 But then Aunt Kelly came to the rescue and helped her blow out her candle:

Sophie vs. the cupcake:

The cupcake won.  I think we might have a rematch tomorrow.

Sophie loves bubbles, so she got a bubble machine for her birthday!

 We love you, sweet little Sophie Loaf.  Happy Birthday! 


Michael said...

Calvin calls her meister because we call her the Sophmeister and kids these days like to abbreviate stuff.

AnnaMarie said...

That is awesome. Awesome. I love the ones of Sophie and the bubbles. And adorable onesie! I love that girl. Thanks for letting us be part of her special day! And I love the ones of Ryan & Sophie dancing. The. Best. Ever. Maybe they'll make it into the scrapbook. :)

chadrbox said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!! I love the pictures too!

Amber said...

I can't believe she's 1 already. Craziness. She's adorable. I'm so happy other people have kids as bald as mine too :).
The cupcake flowers are too cute--good job Caroline.
And the bubble machine--genius. I need to get me one of those (I get so tired of blowing all the bubbles--you know?)

Elizabeth said...

Baby Dopie is now Toddler Dopie!
Uggh, I cannot wait til we see you guys again, she is so big! *single tear*

Emily said...

Happy birthday sweet Sophie! Love the pictures of her dancing with Ryan!

HoltFamily said...

What darling pictures--I can see why you couldn't choose! Thanks again for babysitting Samuel and Joey on Sophie's big day!

Mark and Andrea said...

Sofie is so cute! I love the cake you made for her. I'll have to remember that cute idea. Your kids are darling!