Monday, March 14, 2011

Walking and Talking!

Our little Sophie girl got a lot bigger yesterday--she took her first steps!  Michael and I were playing with her in the living room and Michael coaxed her to take a few steps by luring her with a Wii remote.  That did the trick!  Today she's done it over and over again, but only with a maximum of like 3 steps, and then she promptly falls down.  But it's pretty cute to watch!

Also I realized I haven't really talked about her first few words yet.  She said her first word in January.  Can you guess what it was?  "Dada" of course.  Michael is far and away her favorite person.  His office is in the basement and every time I go towards the basement stairs with her, she freaks out with happiness, points her finger towards the stairs and yells "DADADADADADA!"  She also says "Doggie" when she sees dogs, says "Hi" (mostly for Grandpa Ernie this past weekend.  I've only heard her say it once or twice before that, but this weekend she was saying it to him all the time!) and the occasional "Mama". 

So, here are some pictures of Sophie showcasing her new skillz.  Also, look at her adorable little dress!!  Our friends Liz and Erik sent us such a sweet package full of homemade goodies for the kids--another post on that soon (Calvin's gift deserves its own post, that's for sure!), and Sophie got two little dresses like this.  Too cute!  Thanks, guys!

Getting ready to take off:

Doesn't she look like a little administrative assistant here at the typewriter?

Here she is, in all her walking glory!

Very happy about the outcome:

Just barely starting to be a mischievous little kiddo--pulling out all the records she can before I make her stop:

Just love her sweet little chubby fingers and cankles :)


Elizabeth said...

yay! i'm glad the dress/onesie is the right size! sorry the skirt isn't a little shorter for easier walking, i think maybe i forgot what those cute little chubby early-walker legs were like! :) and the cankles, oh my goodness. LOVE.

AnnaMarie said...

Oh wow, she is way too tiny to be walking! Go Sophie! Can't wait to see those steps and that happy smile tomorrow!