Friday, March 11, 2011

Some things never change...

Hello from Ironwood!  We're having a great time seeing Grandpa, Christy and Vick up north here for a couple of days.  So while everyone was at work/school yesterday, I had some down time and decided to see what pictures of the kids were in their iPhoto on their mac here, just to make sure I wasn't missing any good ones in my collection.  Let me tell you, I found some gems.  My best find?  These two videos of Ryan.  Honestly, he was 2 in these videos.  2.  That means his obsession has been going on for 3 years.  At least.  These are seriously too funny.

He still does this! Like every day! With towels, paper, cardboard, blankets, whatever is lying around. He still makes the same expressions, noises and everything. He just lost that adorable way he used to not be able to say his "R"'s. I miss that.

Here's number two:

He seriously does exactly the same thing now when he opens and closes garages. The play-by-play announcer thing "Still closing! Still closing! S...T...I...L...L closing!" I miss my tiny Ryan, but it makes me feel better watching these movies, because I realize that he's pretty much STILL EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Love my Ryan boy, past and present!

And here are a few of the oldies but goodies that I found on the computer here:

Oh my squishy little teeny tiny Calvin!  I miss those huge jowls! (Note to Sophie: Please grow some hair!  Pretty please??)

Sweet crazy little Calvin when he was just a little guy:

Ryan, Abbey and Christy on a trip to Southern Utah:

Christy and Ryan
James showing Ryan the ropes of caving...

Little Ryan:

Ryan and the Abster:
Haha!  Little Katie and Little Calvin.  They've always had a loving but slightly tempestuous relationship.

And who could forget Ryan's first dentist appointment?  (Me, actually.  Just remembered about it when I saw the picture...)

Calvin has always loved cars.  Look at that happy little guy!

Ohmygoodness, my very favorite one.  He was just so sweet and little!


AnnaMarie said...

Aww, nice flash back, Amber. I love all of these pictures! Katie says that you guys and Grandpa and Christy should all move to Arizona with us. :)

AnnaMarie said...

Uh, and I've apparently forgot your name, because you're not Amber, you're Caroline. But Amber was looking for me at the time, so I was saying, "Just a minute, Amber." :) Love & miss you!