Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ryan's Rocket's Final Flight

We finally put Ryan's Rocket up on the ceiling in his room. To polish it up we bought him some glow in the dark stars and planets for his birthday.

Here's the rocket, you can see the green and white Lego guy through the windows. 

Here are most of the planets. Pluto is out of the frame. They are in order with the light acting as the sun. Maybe someday we'll get a sun looking light for his room. Obviously we couldn't use accurate spacing (and the planets aren't in true proportions either!), but we did put the close planets, the Kuiper belt and the distant planets.

Of course the stars glow. Now all the kids need is a blacklight night light -- do they make those?


Elizabeth said...

Best ceiling ever.

However, isn't Pluto not an actual "planet" anymore? I thought you knew all about science, Michael!

(just kidding, please don't hate me)


Michael said...

First they took away the Brontosaurus, then Pluto. Guess what? You can't just go changing things that were taught in sixth grade. For me Pluto will always be a planet. And I'm going there some day.

AnnaMarie said...

This is awesome! I'm with you, Michael. I believe in Pluto. Brontosauruses aren't real now or what?!