Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing Outside

It was so nice outside while we were in Utah.  A good 50 degrees warmer than when we left Minnesota.  So the kids had such a great time playing outside in my parents' back yard.  The got out a shovel and the wheelbarrow and went crazy.  It was so fun to watch them out there.  It also doesn't hurt that my parents have an awesome back yard.  The kids could play out there all day.  One thing I didn't get a picture of was when the boys snuck into the garage and got out two gigantic saws.  They were trying to cut a piece of sidewalk chalk in half.  Calvin's saw was bigger than he was.  Pretty awesome.  Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying it outside:


Ben and Anna said...

That picture of your mom is just so her. The pose, the facial expression..everything. LOVE her!!

AnnaMarie said...

So fun. We played at the park today. Jane laughed her head off on the swings...can't wait until summer comes to MN! I love the picture of Ryan pushing Calvin on the swing. :)