Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Our kids certainly lucked out with their grandparents.  Between Grandpa Ernie and my parents, our kids pretty much think that Grandparents are the best thing to walk to face of the earth. 

Ryan had his Grandma and Grandpa activities planned out for weeks before we even got to their house, and they did not disappoint!  They got to do everything on his list.  Eat at the Teppanyaki grill, got o the trampoline place, go bowling, play outside, get krispy kremes, pick out toys at Toys R Us, you name it, they did it.  Even though my parents probably had a million other things to do and to worry about between trips out to see Danica and making up extra work from while they had been gone, they still took so much time to do things with the boys.  So thanks, Mom and Dad, for all of the fun activities.  We all had so much fun spending time with you, but Ryan and Calvin especially loved it!

Although I didn't get any pictures of it, my favorite activity was going to the BYU/Utah basketball game with my Dad.  We had such a great time.  Dad and I have always shared a love for basketball, so it was really great to go together.  Thanks, Dad!

Here are some pictures of all of the fabulous grandparent fun :)

Here's Sophie, scoring some serious Grandma and Grandpa snuggle time:

And here we are going bowling at the good old Wilkinson Center:

 And of course, the Teppanyaki grill:

Ryan LOVES Teppanyaki grills.  My mom used to take him out twice a week or so for lunch when we lived in Provo, and more often than not they'd come here.  Ryan still absolutely adores it.

 I love this picture, because if you look closely, you can see Calvin covering his ears.  He was soooooo worried about that fire...

He had to have emotional support.  On both sides.

These are the faces my kids were making, pretty much the whole time.  Ryan--ecstatic.  Calvin--worrying his cute little brains out.  Sophie--no clue.


Amber said...

I don't think it's a bad thing for Calvin to have a healthy fear of fire :). That is hilarious. And awwww, the good old Wilk. Isn't it weird how little all the college students look now? I'm glad your sis is making some strides--hopefully she'll be out soon. It's fun to see how big your kids are getting!

AnnaMarie said...

Oh, Calvin. You just crack me up.