Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lunch With Janny

I have a LOT of posts to catch up on.  Like the rest of our trip, Ryan's birthday party, my AWESOME day on Monday (thanks Michael for 11 hours of sleep and breakfast in bed, and AnnaMarie for taking the kids all morning and Kelly and Ken and fam for coming for dinner and Family Home Evening!!!).  But I'll start with lunch at the shop with Janny!  Boy do these kids ever LOVE their Auntie Janny!  We got to visit Janny twice at the shop while we were up north, and on Friday of that weekend we got to go there to have lunch with her.  She had a surprise for the kids after lunch--Dilly Bars!  They were thrilled, of course.  And they even wanted to share with the same dilly bar on either side of her.  She was too funny, going back and forth between the two of them, just goobering all over their dilly bars :)  Anyways, they certainly had a great time.  They got to do the garage door at the shop, get candy out of the filing cabinet, and of course see Janny and Grandpa and everybody else there.  Thanks, Janny!  We had a great time!  We sure love you!

The kids greeting Janny:

Camped out around the desk for lunch!

Two Packer fans in a pod. Sophie sure adores her Auntie Janny!


Going to town.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Walking and Talking!

Our little Sophie girl got a lot bigger yesterday--she took her first steps!  Michael and I were playing with her in the living room and Michael coaxed her to take a few steps by luring her with a Wii remote.  That did the trick!  Today she's done it over and over again, but only with a maximum of like 3 steps, and then she promptly falls down.  But it's pretty cute to watch!

Also I realized I haven't really talked about her first few words yet.  She said her first word in January.  Can you guess what it was?  "Dada" of course.  Michael is far and away her favorite person.  His office is in the basement and every time I go towards the basement stairs with her, she freaks out with happiness, points her finger towards the stairs and yells "DADADADADADA!"  She also says "Doggie" when she sees dogs, says "Hi" (mostly for Grandpa Ernie this past weekend.  I've only heard her say it once or twice before that, but this weekend she was saying it to him all the time!) and the occasional "Mama". 

So, here are some pictures of Sophie showcasing her new skillz.  Also, look at her adorable little dress!!  Our friends Liz and Erik sent us such a sweet package full of homemade goodies for the kids--another post on that soon (Calvin's gift deserves its own post, that's for sure!), and Sophie got two little dresses like this.  Too cute!  Thanks, guys!

Getting ready to take off:

Doesn't she look like a little administrative assistant here at the typewriter?

Here she is, in all her walking glory!

Very happy about the outcome:

Just barely starting to be a mischievous little kiddo--pulling out all the records she can before I make her stop:

Just love her sweet little chubby fingers and cankles :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Some things never change...

Hello from Ironwood!  We're having a great time seeing Grandpa, Christy and Vick up north here for a couple of days.  So while everyone was at work/school yesterday, I had some down time and decided to see what pictures of the kids were in their iPhoto on their mac here, just to make sure I wasn't missing any good ones in my collection.  Let me tell you, I found some gems.  My best find?  These two videos of Ryan.  Honestly, he was 2 in these videos.  2.  That means his obsession has been going on for 3 years.  At least.  These are seriously too funny.

He still does this! Like every day! With towels, paper, cardboard, blankets, whatever is lying around. He still makes the same expressions, noises and everything. He just lost that adorable way he used to not be able to say his "R"'s. I miss that.

Here's number two:

He seriously does exactly the same thing now when he opens and closes garages. The play-by-play announcer thing "Still closing! Still closing! S...T...I...L...L closing!" I miss my tiny Ryan, but it makes me feel better watching these movies, because I realize that he's pretty much STILL EXACTLY THE SAME!!! Love my Ryan boy, past and present!

And here are a few of the oldies but goodies that I found on the computer here:

Oh my squishy little teeny tiny Calvin!  I miss those huge jowls! (Note to Sophie: Please grow some hair!  Pretty please??)

Sweet crazy little Calvin when he was just a little guy:

Ryan, Abbey and Christy on a trip to Southern Utah:

Christy and Ryan
James showing Ryan the ropes of caving...

Little Ryan:

Ryan and the Abster:
Haha!  Little Katie and Little Calvin.  They've always had a loving but slightly tempestuous relationship.

And who could forget Ryan's first dentist appointment?  (Me, actually.  Just remembered about it when I saw the picture...)

Calvin has always loved cars.  Look at that happy little guy!

Ohmygoodness, my very favorite one.  He was just so sweet and little!

Monday, March 7, 2011

We've Got A Cold Front Moving In...

So, Ryan had the brilliant idea of having Michael give him a mustache to wear to preschool.  When Michael finished it, Ryan ran to the mirror to see.  Then he giggled and said, "Ha!  I look just like a real weatherman!"  That you do, Ryan.  That you do!

Some of my personal favorites:

And, for your information, when I dropped him off, Vanessa's jaw dropped to the ground and his teacher told him he needed to shave.  Mission accomplished!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ryan's Rocket's Final Flight

We finally put Ryan's Rocket up on the ceiling in his room. To polish it up we bought him some glow in the dark stars and planets for his birthday.

Here's the rocket, you can see the green and white Lego guy through the windows. 

Here are most of the planets. Pluto is out of the frame. They are in order with the light acting as the sun. Maybe someday we'll get a sun looking light for his room. Obviously we couldn't use accurate spacing (and the planets aren't in true proportions either!), but we did put the close planets, the Kuiper belt and the distant planets.

Of course the stars glow. Now all the kids need is a blacklight night light -- do they make those?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ryan Turns 5!!!

So, we celebrated Ryan's 5th birthday while we were in Utah, and boy did he have a great birthday!  He got to celebrate with so many people that loved him.  He sure is one lucky boy!  We had a party for him a few days after his actual birthday, but that will be another post because I have so many awesome pictures!  So this one is just the festivities on his actual birthday.

Probably my favorite part of the whole day was first thing in the morning.  A few days ago I had asked Ryan what he wanted for his birthday.  He said he wanted a sign saying it was his birthday, and that he wanted mentos, gum, starburst, and the gummy worms that have the sugar on them.  I guess we know the way to this kid's heart!  Anyways, so I made a sign, bought a huge balloon shaped like a 5, and tied all the treats he wanted to the balloon.  The room he was sleeping in had a baby monitor in it, so I had turned it on and got to hear his reaction when he woke up in the morning to his goodies.  It was so super cute.  It went something like this:

*Yawning sounds* *Gasp* "WHAT???!!!????  OH MY GOODNESS!  IT'S A...AND A..."  *BIG GASP* "OH!  THEY GOT ME EVERYTHING I WANTED!!!!!!!!"

It was pretty cute.  Anyways, we started off the day with Grandpa Walton taking the whole gang to IHOP, and boy did Ryan LOVE that.  Abbey got to come along with us, too, which was fun.  Ryan ordered a whole lot of pancakes and once again fell in love with the four different flavors of syrup.  He was one happy kid.  The wait staff even sang to him, which he was thrilled about. 

After IHOP we came back to Grandpa's house and played around with Abbey and let Ryan do round 1 of present opening.  It was an unconventional birthday.  We opened presents like 5 times.  We wanted Abbey and Vicki to be there for theirs, but Michael had to go to his conference for work most of the day, so we opened some early in the day, and then some again right before bed when Michael and Kirk (my cousin) and Amy and two of their boys were there, then we opened one from Grandma and Grandpa the next day when Grandma got home from her trip, then we opened some more on the day of his party, then we had more at Kirk and Amy's house in Idaho on Friday, and so on, and so on.  Hey, he's only 5 once!  He certainly felt very loved and very happy.

Anyways, after round one of presents (which included some bubble bath), the kids took a bubble bath and then played around outside.  They certainly loved the beautiful weather and took advantage of it every chance they got.  In the afternoon my Dad and I headed out to the BYU basketball game, but when we got back we celebrated with a cake with Michael, Kirk, Amy, Porter and Finn, which was really really fun.  It was so great to have them all there!  Ryan sure loves Porter and Finn.

Anyways, he had a wonderful birthday, so thank you to all involved in making it so great!  He's certainly proud to be 5.

Here are a few of my favorite things about Ryan at 5:

-He loves to build crazy things out of legos and is always bringing his creations upstairs to tell me all about them.
-He genuinely thinks he is clever.  Even when he is genuinely not being clever.  It's pretty funny to watch.
-His sweet little face shows pretty much everything that is going on behind the scenes.  Not that there isn't a lot going on, I just love that I can follow his thought processes step by step by just watching his face.  I love watching him make connections and realize things about the world around him.
-He loves to help me.  He doesn't like playing by himself.  At all.  It's practically torture for him.  He would always rather be doing something with me than playing with toys alone.  I am really REALLY trying to embrace this more, because I know it won't be that way forever.  And he is a really good helper when he puts his mind to it.  The other day he just started clearing off the table after dinner without me asking him and then helping me load the dishes.  What a sweetheart.
-He still loves to please his Mommy and Daddy.  He's a good big brother, and tries really hard to be obedient and nice.
-He still loves garage doors.
-He usually will still take about a 2 or 3 hour nap during the day if he's not too wound up about something.  I love that about him!
-He always has been, still is, and always will be a talker.  He loves to talk.  All the time.  He never stops.  Whenever we go to the doctor or the dentist or anywhere when someone is one-on-one with him, he talks and talks and talks and talks and never ever stops.  It usually at some point has to do with garage doors.  And informing people about his little siblings.   He's a gem.

We love our great big (still off the charts for height and around 90% for weight) 5 year old.  He has so much character and so much confidence.  We love him to pieces!

Here are some fun pictures from his big day:

At IHOP, looking duly excited:

Presents, round 1:


Very happy about the lego sets from Abbey and Calvin:

Bubble bath!

Hanging out with Abbey.  Sophie sure adored her!

 Abbey helped Ryan put together his new lego set that MATCHED HIS NEW SHIRT!!!!  (I know, I know, too exciting, right?)

Two goofballs.  It runs in the family:

There's the matching lego guy and matching shirt.  The guy in his hand is the same guy on the bottom right of his shirt.  He was VERY excited about that.

Lighting the candles with Kirk, Amy, Finn, Porter, Calvin, Michael and Grandpa:

He requested a Cowie cake.  This is the best I could do :)

Presents, round 2.  I love the look on Finn's face.  It was a lego sorter shaped like a giant lego head.  I know, we're really cool parents!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Our kids certainly lucked out with their grandparents.  Between Grandpa Ernie and my parents, our kids pretty much think that Grandparents are the best thing to walk to face of the earth. 

Ryan had his Grandma and Grandpa activities planned out for weeks before we even got to their house, and they did not disappoint!  They got to do everything on his list.  Eat at the Teppanyaki grill, got o the trampoline place, go bowling, play outside, get krispy kremes, pick out toys at Toys R Us, you name it, they did it.  Even though my parents probably had a million other things to do and to worry about between trips out to see Danica and making up extra work from while they had been gone, they still took so much time to do things with the boys.  So thanks, Mom and Dad, for all of the fun activities.  We all had so much fun spending time with you, but Ryan and Calvin especially loved it!

Although I didn't get any pictures of it, my favorite activity was going to the BYU/Utah basketball game with my Dad.  We had such a great time.  Dad and I have always shared a love for basketball, so it was really great to go together.  Thanks, Dad!

Here are some pictures of all of the fabulous grandparent fun :)

Here's Sophie, scoring some serious Grandma and Grandpa snuggle time:

And here we are going bowling at the good old Wilkinson Center:

 And of course, the Teppanyaki grill:

Ryan LOVES Teppanyaki grills.  My mom used to take him out twice a week or so for lunch when we lived in Provo, and more often than not they'd come here.  Ryan still absolutely adores it.

 I love this picture, because if you look closely, you can see Calvin covering his ears.  He was soooooo worried about that fire...

He had to have emotional support.  On both sides.

These are the faces my kids were making, pretty much the whole time.  Ryan--ecstatic.  Calvin--worrying his cute little brains out.  Sophie--no clue.