Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I know, I'm sorry, I have owed you all an update for a while now, but things have been pretty crazy around here, so I have been neglecting my blog. But first off I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the care and concern that has been expressed for my sister, Danica. It's been a really touching experience, so thank you.

Danica is doing much better than when she was admitted, which isn't hard, since when she was admitted she was literally at death's door. She is now stabilized and slowly (very slowly) regaining her kidney function. She still needs regular dialysis, but hopefully in the near future she won't need it as often.

Whatever it was that led to her sudden kidney failure is still something of a mystery, and appears to still be working against her. The immunologists and hematologists there are conducting ongoing testing. In the meantime, she has to have daily treatments in which her blood plasma is replaced with new plasma (plasmapheresis) to remove the antibodies that are attacking her blood during a 3-4 hour long procedure.

Since the underlying problem hasn't been solved yet, she has to stay in the hospital for at least one to two more weeks and maybe even several weeks longer than that. Sometime soon I'm hoping to head out to Pittsburgh to spend some time with her and keep her company.

Anyways, that's the update on Danica. Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers, and concern for her. We are all grateful to you.

Here are a couple of pictures we sent to Danica.    If you can't tell, this one spells out "get well":

And sweet little Ryan, as soon as I told him that Danica was sick, thought for a minute and then ran to the bathroom and got out his beloved blue m&m chapstick and told me he wanted to send it to Danica, along with a picture of him and Cowie, because he thought that those would help her feel better.  Here is the picture of him and Cowie that we sent along with the chapstick:


AnnaMarie said...

Those pictures are adorable, Caroline! I don't mind keeping Ryan & Calvin & Sophie while you go visit Danica. I'm serious. Or at least take them during the days so Michael can work. I'm sorry to hear that she'll still be so long in the hospital, but hope everything is figured out. We miss you guys!

akdoxey said...


I will keep her in my prayers. I was thinking about her just last week. Hope everything goes well!

We're in Jersey...pretty close to PA, wonder how far from Pittsburgh.

Anyway, tell Danica hello and send my love and well wishes.