Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello from Pittsburgh!

Hi, all!  It's been about a month, so sorry.  But we've been busy.  Quick recap:

-Danica in hospital
-Drive to Utah
-Ear infections
-Ryan's 5th Birthday!
-Drive to Idaho
-Allergic reaction to penicillin
-Drive home from Idaho
-Fly to Pittsburgh

So now I'm just sitting here, kicking it with Danica while she has dialysis. Actually, she's unconscious, so I'm mostly just kicking it with myself.  But anyways, I got here on Thursday around lunchtime and it has been so great to be here with her spending time together.  We've mostly been doing madlibs, playing scrabble, watching the first 4 seasons of Modern Family, and of course talking a lot.  It's been so nice to be able to spend some one on one time with her.  A big thanks to Michael for staying home with the kids, you're the best, Honey!

So things are going well for Danica today, after a pretty bumpy road the last week.  They were going to release her on Wednesday, but then they found that her hemoglobin count went way down, so they did a scope into her stomach and found an ulcer that was bleeding pretty profusely.  So it was a big bummer for her that she couldn't go home.  Zack was already even on his way to pick her up.  So that was a let down.  But they fixed the ulcer Thursday morning, and it went really well.  They were doing the procedure when I got into town, so I checked into my hotel across the street and when I got over to the hospital she was just coming back from that, and was pretty heavily sedated, but definitely still Danica, cracking jokes and being pretty funny.

I think Thursday night was a pretty rough night, she's just really tired of being here.  It's been a month, I really don't blame her!  Anyways, so I slept in her room on Thursday night and on Friday we got the good news that her blood level numbers were up high enough to finally do the kidney biopsy they're been trying to do for a couple of weeks.  So she had that done yesterday.  Best part?  She could eat afterwards!  This poor girl has been on a "nothing by mouth" diet for pretty 2 or 3 whole days.  Plus she's on steroids, which increases your appetite.  I can't even imagine.  Anyways, I picked her up a nice chicken pot pie, corn bread and yams from Boston Market and she finally got to eat, poor girl.

So, today is looking up!  We'll have biopsy results by Wednesday, and then hopefully they will actually know what's going on.  Her numbers were up higher today than they were yesterday, and they were pretty good yesterday, so that's great news.  If all goes well, she'll be going home tomorrow.  Let's hope it does!

It has been great to be here with her.  It's sad that it's taken her being in the hospital for me to get my hiney to Pittsburgh to spend some quality time with her.  And I'm sure it will only get more fun once she's not drugged anymore :)

So stay tuned for more news and posts from our whirlwind month.  I think I'm going to start on them now and schedule them to be posted over the next week or so.  It will pretty much be REALLY EXCITING!


HoltFamily said...

Hi Caroline! We miss you here in Minnesota, but I'm glad you get to spend some time with your sister! I hope she continues getting better!

AnnaMarie said...

Very exciting that Danica's doing better, and I'm so glad you're there with her. I hope you get to see her home. And I can't wait to read all of your adventures; I didn't really talk to you very much while you were gone. See you in two weeks!

Emily said...

So glad Danica's doing better!