Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry (Late) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, everybody!  Despite 3/5 of us contracting strep throat and a sad little Sophie cutting her first tooth, it has been a wonderful Christmas!  On the 21st we had my parents come stay with us for a couple of days, which was so fun!  I was just on the verge of coming down with strep, so I neglected taking pictures of our adventures with Grandma and Grandpa Walton, unfortunately, but we really fit a lot of fun things into 3 days.  

It was nice to have them mostly to ourselves so that they could spend some nice individual time with each kid.  They got some great snuggle time with Sophie, took Ryan shopping to pick out a toy, and took Calvin to do his very favorite thing--push a child-sized shopping cart around the local grocery store and pick out treats to put in said cart.  Happiest kid on the planet.  It was so nice having them stay!  Then we all met up with Ken and Kelly and the gang on the 23rd and me and Kelly and my mom all headed to a salon for some pampering (thanks, Mom!) and then we went out to dinner as a whole big group.  It was a lot of fun!  And afterwards we enjoyed Danica's Christmas present to us all.  She remotely treated us to a movie, so we took everybody to go see Tangled.  

I wasn't optimistic about how my kids would do since neither of the boys napped and the movie started at 7.  But I was absolutely shocked to find that they were all perfect angels.  I didn't even have to leave the theater with any of them once!  Sophie fell right asleep, Ryan sat in his chair and munched on popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed himself, and Calvin (who was too excited to sit down) stood in front of his seat for the entire movie and was completely enthralled.  I don't even remember him saying a word to me the whole time!  Even Lily was a perfect champ.  And the movie was really cute.  What a great time we all had!  Thanks, Danica!

On Thursday Kelly also diagnosed me with strep (oh, fun!) and after a little soul searching about whether or not we should still go up to Ironwood for Christmas as planned, we decided to still go.  I did pass strep on to Calvin and Michael, but so far not to anyone that wouldn't have been around me if we'd stayed in Fridley, so I consider that somewhat of a success!  

We had a great time in Ironwood for Christmas and New Years!  Abbey was back from college, Christy and Grandpa and Vitoria were all there, and we got to talk to James from his mission in Peru on Christmas, which was so much fun!  We miss him and we'll be so excited to have him back in July!  We also got to Skype with Benjamin in Switzerland, and we had a lot of fun talking to him!

The kids were, of course, delighted with their Christmas haul.  We got in at about 9:45 pm on Christmas Eve (we had planned on getting in a little after lunch, but since I was pretty much out for the count all morning, Michael had to do the cleaning, packing, etc., all by himself, so it took a little longer!) so we didn't do much on Christmas Eve.  But the kids were thrilled to wake up Christmas morning to see that Santa had, indeed, come!  They had fantastic stocking stuffers from Santa/Grandpa, and some really fun toys that they just loved.  My favorite was the actual working rocket that Michael made for Ryan.  It was seriously amazing.  Michael is so talented!  Anyways, we all had a lovely Christmas morning opening presents and hanging out all together.  Unfortunately for Calvin, he was in the throws of strep throat on Christmas, so he slept for a lot of the day, but when he wasn't sleeping he was still a very happy boy, playing with all of the fun new toys.

Anyways, Christmas was really lovely, and it was especially fun to spend it with our wonderful family, so thanks everybody!  On the 26th, I ran Calvin out to the urgent care clinic where he was formally diagnosed with strep.  I was surprised when the doctor commented on how bad his throat looked since he had been such a happy boy!  The nurse and doctor even both said that he was the best behaved little kid they'd had.  Way to go, Calvin!  Then he came home and pretty much went to bed.  AnnaMarie and the girls came up later that night and stayed for a few days, so it was really nice to have them around to play with.  We all had a lot of fun which, again,  I didn't really take any pictures of.  But the kids had a great time playing together.  Calvin was on quarantine until Monday afternoon, so he was pretty bummed that he didn't get to play with everybody on Monday morning.  But he came to the store with me instead, and took a bath, and mostly just hung out with me and Michael.  He was so so SO happy when I told him he could play with all the kids again on Monday afternoon.  He was jumping up and down and everyone was cheering for him and he had the biggest smile you could imagine.  He's a sweetheart.

One of the highlights of the week was definitely launching Ryan's rocket.  Scary, but fun!  We were all pleased to discover that it actually did launch and that it didn't hit anyone :)  Michael did great and Ryan REALLY loved launching it.

We had a fun but relaxed New Years.  We never really have done much of anything on New Years Eve, so this was right up my alley.  We had a yummy ham dinner with homemade rolls and mashed potatoes and spinach salad and cherry-berry pie for dessert, yum!  Then we played games and watched a movie until 11:30, when we woke Ryan up for the "party"!  We really had him fooled.  He was so excited to be at the party.  When Michael asked him what he wanted to do at the party, he said "Drink Sprite!  And eat almond roca (which he pronounces  "almon drocra")! And write a birthday card for Luke!"  So that's what we did!  He was very excited at 11:58 when he got to sit in front of the clock with Christy and wait for it to be exactly 12:00.  He was pretty funny, just sitting there, starting out pretty excited and then fading a bit when he realized that watching a clock wasn't actually going to be super exciting, then finally asking Christy "Doesn't your clock have any bells that ding or anything?"  Anyways, he was pretty thrilled when it was the New Year and it was fun watching him try to wrap his head around the concept.    

Anyways, we've had a great holiday!  Here are a bunch of the pictures I did get around to taking!  Enjoy!

The living room, ready for the gang early Christmas morning:

The boys waiting to go downstairs on Christmas morning, passing time playing Candy Land with Christy:

Ryan making sure nobody goes downstairs  (the rule here at Grandpa Moore's is that everybody has to be dressed and ready before anybody goes downstairs):

Vitoria and Abbey and Sophie, ready to go down!

Christy and Calvin, being silly:

Me and Michael ready to go downstairs:

Opening the stockings:

Checking out the toys (Calvin was SOOO excited about his Toy Story set):

The boys' favorite stocking stuffers?  New light-up toothbrushes and Toy Story toothpaste from Santa/Grandpa.  Who knew?

 Sophie wasn't awake for too much of the present opening, but she did get to open this adorable bunny that my friend Liz made for her,  So cute!  She is in love.

Ryan opening his Zip Track from Grandpa, which he LOVED:

Calvin flying the airplane Michael made for him:

 Tired little Calvin, passed out on the chair and a half:

Skype-ing with Benjamin in Switzerland (Ryan recited his German poem I've been working on with him for Benjamin's host family.  He did great! I was so proud!)

 The rocket launch!  Here they are just before blastoff:

Setting everything up:

Ryan, gazing at his beloved rocket:

Blasting off!!

They launched it three times.  Here's the third launch on the way up:

Getting a piggy-back ride back to the car:

Sophie watched with Vitoria and Abbey from a safe distance away:

I also found out this Chrsitmas that Calvin is serious about his love of princess toys.  He has snuggled at least one and sometimes two of Christy's old Cinderella dolls every night.  Here is his favorite:

Calvin enjoying some New Years treats on Michael's shoulders.  He cried when he misplaced his lemon.  He loved that lemon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody!

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AnnaMarie said...

Great post, Caroline! It's hard to take pictures when there's so much going on and your hands are always busy (in your case, making amazing food). But you still got some great ones. Love it!