Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ryan's First Ski Trip

I took Ryan skiing for the first time today. We had a great time on the bunny hill. He is quite confident in his abilities and wanted me to let him go off jumps after just a few runs down the hill.

He ended up learning to go up the tow rope by himself.  He only liked to go about 1/3 or 1/2 the way up the hill though. 

And he could make it down the hill...usually... least most of the way.

And here are some videos of him going down the hill.
Part one...

Part two...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weirdest dream...

We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend up in Ironwood.  More on that later.  I'm usually a vivid dreamer, but last night I had one that takes the cake.  Here's how it went:

I was sitting by a lake and saw a small shark swimming around.  I grabbed it right out of the water with my bare hands.  Why, you ask?  Because it had the face of a baby.  Like a real live baby.

So, I took sharkbaby home.  When I got there, I was unsure of what to do with sharkbaby.  I filled up the bath tub and put it in.  But I immediately felt guilty. It had the face of a real baby, and you wouldn't stick a baby in the tub and leave it there, right?  So I took sharkbaby out.  I thought about putting it in Sophie's crib, but that seemed pretty gross.  So I set it on the changing table for a minute while I pondered what to do.

That's when I saw a zipper down its tummy.  I unzipped it and the shark part came off and it was a whole real baby, with legs and everything.  So, I diapered him and named him Samuel.  And then I wondered what to do with Samuel the sharkbaby.

I remembered I had some friends who really wanted to adopt, so I called them up.  I explained the whole story, and then said, "But he's a real baby!  I mean, he's got legs and everything!  He'll probably need to go to the doctor for a checkup or something, but he seems fine!"

They said they needed to go run an errand but that they would come over soon to meet him.  Somehow while I was waiting for them to come, a letter showed up from them.  So I opened it up and briefly looked it over.  The front of the letter started out saying how grateful they were for this opportunity, but there was a lot of writing so I flipped it over to the back and it was a BYU basketball season schedule and a little chart about all of the different players and why they liked them.  I thought that was weird, so I flipped it back over to the front to read the rest of the letter, but just then Calvin woke up crying in the middle of the night, so I woke up, too.

I remember thinking as I woke up, "I hope this kid goes back to sleep soon so I can read that letter!"  No such luck, though.

 Interpretations, anyone?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We had such a great day today.  We got to spend it with Grandpa Moore and Christy, Benjamin, James and Carolin, and it was a blast!  I spent pretty much the entire morning making food, but with oodles of people around to take care of the kids, it was actually really enjoyable!  Dad brined the turkey (we used my bff Liz's turkey recipe) and W.O.W. did it turn out lovely.  Thanks, Liz!  We made Winnefred Jardine's 12-hour Butterhorns (best rolls in the entire world...), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, asparagus, butternut squash, stuffing, lots of pies and a festive (and gigantic) batch of wassail!  I pretty much fell asleep immediately afterwards.  It was delicious and so much fun.  The kids were good, the company was excellent and the food was way too much, but delicious!  And I don't complain about Thanksgiving leftovers, mmmmmm!

The kids had lots of fun with the big kids.  Sophie slept for a good part of the festivities because she was up from about 10:30 until about 1:30 last night not wanting to sleep.  Fortunately for me, Michael and James were up and graciously agreed to play with her so I could go back to sleep.  Thanks, guys!  So I was fine today, but Sophie slept a lot.  But the boys got to do all kinds of fun things.  Our dear friend sent us off yesterday with a kit for making turkeys out of apples,marshmallows and jelly beans, so the boys did that today, which they really loved!  They also got to build a giant snowman and a snow fort, have a big snowball fight, build ferris wheels with tinker toys with Christy, play angry birds, you name it! 

What a great day to spend with people you love.  I am so grateful for all of the wonderful family and friends that we have.  I think I am feeling most grateful for that today.  We are so blessed.  It is so fulfilling to love and be loved.  We love our family!  It was a great day! Here are some pictures!

Pictures of our Thanksgiving feast!  Here are the table settings with the place holder pears:

Turkey, rolls, cranberries!

Carolin with the turkey!

She's a vegetarian but she did try the turkey.  Way to go, Carolin! 

Michael, carving up the bird!


I was especially proud of the cherry-berry pie.  Thanks for helping me make it pretty, Carolin!

The boys making their apple turkeys:

Can you tell they were having fun?

Building the snowman!

Calvin wanting to try the nose:

Putting on the coal buttons:

Jamesy and Calvin:

James and Christy decorating the snowman:

The whole gang with Mr. Snowman:

Christy and Mr. Right:

Ryan in the snow fort, getting ready to chuck that snowball at Michael:

He was sad when he got one in the face:

Carolin helping out with the snowball fight:

Calvin sure has fun with James:

I love this picture:

Ryan got really into it :)

Calvin having fun:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ryan's First Book (as an Author)

Ryan wrote and illustrated a book this morning all by himself. He started by stapling several pages together, here's the story:

Cover: "Christmas"

Page 1: One frosty night it was Christmas.
Page 2: And everyone in America was sleeping.
Page 3: Illustration of a snowed in house (no words)
Page 4: And everyone woke up.
Page 5: The end.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

I still have a bunch of things from last summer that I never posted, so here is a big post of some of my favorite random pictures from this summer!  Enjoy!

Michael and Sophie sharing some spaghetti:

Uncle James falling into the Sophie trap:

A beautiful but very windy day at a park.  Sophie was so happy to just stand by the bottom of the slides, hoist herself up, sit there at the bottom for a while, then hop off and repeat.

Ryan really liked this window:

Me and my girl:

Ryan had his little friend, Vanessa, over to play and he was in heaven!

Added bonus: she brought Reese's to share.  

To celebrate AnnaMarie's birthday, we made her a giant KitKat bar!

Uncle Benjamin and the kids with the awesome fort he made for them.  They LOVED it!

Back when Sophie was still more baby than kid.  I remember taking this picture because I wanted to remember the way she always slept with the binky half out of her mouth and an iron grip on the sippy cup (she's now graduated from both the binky and soft-topped sippy cups):

I really like this picture of my happy little Sophie:

Ryan loved playing in the sprinklers this summer:

On a walk as a family to a nearby park.  It was SOOOOO HOT!  But we had fun!

And out for a walk again on a cooler day:

Sophie and the giant pink bunny that her Auntie Janny gave her.  Janny, she loves this bunny!  This particular day she just carried it around everywhere and had it do all kinds of different things with her.  It was too funny!

Cute brothers:

Benjamin brought me back some Zopfmehl from Zurich--the super secret special flour you need to make the most delicious bread in the entire world.  So we made some!  And it was just plain amazing!  Thanks, Benjamin!

And Ryan showing us his biggest carrot of the year from his very own garden.  He was very proud!