Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, we had a WONDERFUL Halloween here in Minnesota.  We were lucky enough to have my Dad visiting over Halloween weekend so we had a blast.  His visit deserves an entire post of its own (or two or three) so we'll just focus on Halloween itself for now.

Since I really couldn't top the garage door costume from last year, I didn't do anything homemade.  But they were still adorable!  Here they are, in all their Halloween glory:

Calvin the Monkey:

A bucket full of candy?? Who needs this banana?

Ryan the Cowboy:

Showing that buckin' bronco who's boss:

 Sophie Bug:

A little tipsy...

We started out with a trunk-or-treat at our church on Saturday night.  AnnaMarie and the girls came, and Christy and Grandpa Moore were down visiting briefly, too, so the whole gang was there.  Here are the monkey and the princess holding hands, ready to go:

Sophie was quite content bundled up in a blanket with aunt Christy:

So content, in fact, that I pretty much turned around and when I looked at her again, she was fast asleep.  Christy is the best!

The two cowboys, Ryan and Grandpa Walton, taking on the trunks:

Calvin and Grandpa Moore on the home stretch:

The whole trunk or treat gang (minus pirate Jane who I think was sleeping):

Then on Sunday we went down to Ken and Kelly's house to trick or treat with them.  Here is the whole group before heading out:

We had a monkey, a cowboy, a bug, an owl, a witch and Darth Vader.  

 And I love this one of the babies.  Poor Lily really hated her owl costume.  But she was very cute!

The kids had so much fun together!  We all started out together but all the kids ended up finding their own pace.  Ryan and Michael ended up going together just the two of them.  Michael said Ryan was pretty funny, being meticulously polite at every door, "Trick or treat!  You have beautiful flowers!  Thank you very much!  Happy Halloween!"  When I caught up with Calvin and Grandpa Walton to check on them, Calvin ran up to me and in the most excited version of his classic grumbly voice yelled, "IT'S MY MOM!  HEY MOM!  I GOT A BUCKET FULL OF CANDY!  AND IT'S FOR ME AND YOU!!!!!!!!!"  They really had a lot of fun, and both got their little buckets all filled with candy, which they were very excited about.  Sophie and I came home earlier because she was cold and tired and hungry.  She felt a lot better after a little of this:

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely Halloween, too!  Now bring on November!  Best month of the year, hands down.


Amber said...

The costumes are super cute. I especially love the cowboy WITH the horse attached. Awesome. I think one of my girls needs to be a lady bug next year. Happy Halloween!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures of Calvin throwing the banana and Ryan jumping off the porch are pretty much the best pictures of them... ever. I think you should opt out of school pictures when they get older, and just display those instead. You might even be able to get their high school to put them in the year books.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I love Halloween! I love the one of Lily trying to rip off her owl's head. I'm sure she was so mad about it. And the one of Ryan jumping is awesome, too. Glad you had a fun time with your family!