Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ironwood: Part 2

So I never got around to talking about the rest of our trip up to Ironwood a couple of weeks ago.  When I left off, my children were ridiculously cute sitting on some hay bales on Sunday afternoon.  That evening when we got home, Michael and Vittoria (Dad's exchange student/host daughter from Brazil) made us an INCREDIBLE Brazilian dinner.  It was so good. Mmmmmmm.  We spent the evening hanging out and eating with some friends at Dad's house and had a wonderful time.  We decided to take it slow on Monday and not head home until Monday night, which was great.  We had a lovely day visiting Michael's aunts and playing around.  And we got some really great pictures.  I mean really great.  See for yourself!

Calvin inspecting a hippo:

 Sophie taking a nap on that great big lovesac:


Our little family out at Janny's cottage:

Playing on Janny's swings:

A visit to Auntie Janny's may mean many things, but Ryan's favorites (besides seeing Janny and Jerry) are the giant double garage doors and shooting bb guns.  But mostly the garage doors.  Check this out.  I have it animated and un-animated, for your viewing pleasure:


I'm pretty sure my favorite part of this sequence is how he is holding up a "number 1" with his fingers there on the last picture.  He was declaring the champion in the garage door race.  Classic Ryan.  And here Ryan and Calvin are, running off to congratulate the winner:


And getting up-close and personal withthe inside-the-garage buttons with Jerry's help:

And here are the kids (yes, all of them...) enjoying the bb guns, some more than others:

Sophie loves her Auntie Janny.  Just look at that happy girl!

And some more animation (I know, when it rains, it pours, right??), this time of Michael helping the kids do cartwheels off Janny's porch, of course!

Oh, Janny.  These kids just adore you!

And here are some pictures of our visit to Aunt Sherry's.  We were doing our best to tire the boys out before hopping in the car for our trip home, so they were running back and forth across Sherry's (gigantic) yard.  I LOVE the way Calvin runs.  He always cracks me up.  So here are some pictures and, you guessed it, another animation (last one, I promise) of Calvin's awesome run, although I will say that you do have to see it in person to truly appreciate it.


I love this one of Calvin and Sherry.  

And the boys REALLY loved Sherry's doorbell.  What is it with my kids and buttons??  They pushed that thing until we made them go run across the yard a few dozen more times.

Speaking of, here's Ryan on one of his runs.  Lovely trees!

And Sophie hanging out with Auntie Sherry:


 We loved our trip up north.  Thanks everbody for letting us come!  You guys all spoil us rotten. We love you all bunches (and not just because you spoil us rotten...)!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aww, nice post. Super cool animations! Seriously, you'll have to show me how to do that, especially once I get my nice camera that can take a bunch of pictures in a row. You know I'll be doing that animation thing then!

Angela said...

Such a fun trip! Beautiful pictures. The one of Sophie with the gun totally cracked me up. :)