Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anoka County Fair!

Ok, so remember two months ago when we went to the fair?  Probably not, because I didn't blog about it.  But I am now!  Michael took me and Christy and the kids on a surprise outing while Christy was visiting in July, and we ended up at the Anoka County Fair!  It was so much fun, and the kids had such a great time!  They absolutely loved it, with their favorites being the dog show and the log cutting.  Oh, and the cotton candy.  Don't forget the cotton candy.  They also really loved seeing all of the animals.  Calvin's favorites were the ducks, while Ryan favored the horses.

It was a lot smaller than the state fair, which suited us just fine, since it was just the right size to see most of what we wanted to before the kids were ready for lunch and a nap.  And of course it was the site of the pride of Ryan's life, his coloring contest victory!  And it was so great to have Christy along, of course.  Not only is she a ton of fun and excellent company, but she also put on my baby wrap and carried Sophie around for most of the time!  Christy is the best!

Here are some pictures of our fair adventures:
Michael and Christy and the boys:

Now just imagine Calvin screaming (in his very most excited voice) "DUCKS!!!!!!!!"

Michael and the boys taking a stroll by the horse pens:

Ryan checking out Snickers the horse:

Calvin on a tractor!

This was Calvin's favorite way to traverse the fairgrounds.  It was pretty cute.

Sophie with wonderful Aunt Christy:


When she wasn't strapped on to her Aunt Christy, Sophie hung out in the stroller with her buddies:

And here is the whole gang (minus the photographer) lovin' the cotton candy:

Calvin and the new love of his life:

Ryan feeling pretty good about life with his cotton candy:

Christy looking not so sure about the cotton candy...

My personal favorite.  Cottoncandy-handlebar-mustache-man!

So thanks for the fun surprise, Michael!  We all had tons of good old fashioned county fair fun!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Lol, I love the last picture. Looks like a fun time. I also really like the one of Sophie in the stroller. What a cutie she is!